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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 22

    Chou Odoroki! Michiru to Kaoru no Shougeki Kokuhaku!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.08.01
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    At Dark Fall, Gooyaan was talking to Akudaikaan about Michiru and Kaoru's failure to defeat the Precure. Then Michiru and Kaoru asked for a little more time, as there was something they had to investigate. But Akudaikaan got angry and released a great blast of energy. Then he told Michiru and Kaoru to go defeat the Precure, and not think of anything else.


    Later Michiru and Kaoru were at the rock in the ocean. Gooyaan was asking them if they were scared of the Precure. Michiru and Kaoru replied that they weren't. Gooyaan asked if they had really become friends with the Precure. Then Michiru and Kaoru got angry. But they said they didn't know what was bothering them. Gooyaan told them to just hurry and defeat the Precure.

    [title screen]

    At school, Mai was thinking about the previous night. Mai thought about telling Saki, but she didn't say anything.

    Later during the test, Michiru and Kaoru let out some power, and Frappi screamed out. Saki quickly covered for him.

    After school, Saki asked Mai what she was thinking about. Then Frappi screamed out again. Saki told him that they were at school, but Frappi said that he couldn't control it himself. He said he felt something that was different from before.

    Mai was going to tell Sai about Michiru and Kaoru, but the two girls appeared right before them. Then one of Mai's friends came calling for her, so Mai left to go to her art club. Saki also headed for the softball team, but she told Michiru and Kaoru that she wanted to take them somewhere after the club activities were finished.

    Michiru and Kaoru were going to leave the school, but just when they got to the gate, they ran into Minori. Minori had come with her mother on a delivery nearby. Minori was going to watch Saki's softball practice, so she dragged Kaoru along. Minori said that she liked Kaoru, and wanted to play catch with her some day.

    When they were near the softball field, Mai came out from the school building. She saw Minori with Michiru and Kaoru, and tried to hide. But just then someone hit a softball, and it was headed right for Minori. Mai went out to try to warn Minori, but Kaoru used her power to make the ball disappear.

    Then Saki came (looking for the ball) and spotted everyone.

    Saki told Mai that she had asked Michiru and Kaoru to go to the large tree in the forest with them after practice. She wanted Mai to go too.

    [CM break]

    Michiru and Kaoru asked why Saki brought them to the large tree. Saki said that she feels happy when she's at the tree. She made everyone put their arms around the tree. Saki was feeling very happy and relaxed, but Mai was feeling very worried. She finally knew the truth about Michiru and Kaoru.

    Michiru and Kaoru also felt at ease. They thought about the things that happened on earth. When they asked Saki why she had brought them here, Saki said that they were friends. Michiru and Kaoru smiled. But then they quickly recalled their mission, and let out an evil power. Frappi screamed out again.

    Saki and Mai rushed away. Saki scolded Frappi, but Mai tried to explain to her about Michiru and Kaoru. Just as Mai was going to say it, a strong evil force came. So the girls transformed.

    Then Michiru and Kaoru, wearing gray colored clothing instead of their school uniforms, appeared. They attacked, but the Precure just dodged and didn't fight back.

    Saki kept saying that they were friends. But Michiru and Kaoru kept attacking.

    Michiru and Kaoru said that all living things were going to die anyway, so the world that Dark Fall was aiming for was the ideal world. Saki and Mai kept arguing. But Michiru and Kaoru attacked.

    [continued to the next episode ]

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