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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 23

    Tuini Taiketsu! Kyoui no Akudaikaan

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.08.05
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    Michiru and Kaoru were recalling how they were created by Akudaikaan. He gave them the spring of the sky to guard. But the spring was destroyed. There was no light, no wind, no life. Michiru and Kaoru had thought that this was the way things should be, until they met Saki and Mai..


    [continued from the previous episode ]

    Michiru and Kaoru said that they weren't friends, and attacked.

    [title screen]

    The Precure didn't fight back, and just kept dodging. Michiru and Kaoru kept attacking.

    Saki said, "No matter what you say, I think of you as my friend!"

    Michiru and Kaoru kept attacking. But Saki and Mai kept arguing. They tried to bring back the good memories, as they could see that Michiru and Kaoru were struggling inside.

    Michiru and Kaoru said that they were the fighters for Akudaikaan, and that it was their destiny to fight. But Saki said that they could change their destiny themselves. Then just as Michiru was going to attack, Kaoru grabbed her hand. She told Michiru that she wanted to change her destiny.

    Then they all stopped fighting. They talked about going back to the spring of the sky, and make it recover to its former beautiful self.

    Then Gooyaan appeared from a hole in the ground, and introduced himself to the Precure. He told Michiru and Kaoru to attack, but the Precure said that they were friends.

    Then Gooyaan attacked them. He pulled Michiru and Kaoru back into the hole. The Precure grabbed Michiru and Kaoru and tried to help them, but they all got pulled into the hole.

    [CM break]

    Gooyaan pulled everyone into the Dark Fall.

    Michiru and Kaoru were surprised at Gooyaan's power, and prepared to fight him. But he said that they should tell their story to Akudaikaan.

    Then Akudaikaan appeared. Saki was going to talk to Akudaikaan, but Michiru and Kaoru stopped her. They went to talk to him themselves. They described how beautiful the earth was. They talked of how warm the people of earth were. They pleaded with him to save the world. But Akudaikaan just told them to just destroy the Precure.

    When Michiru and Kaoru refused, Akudaikaan raised one hand and let out a strong blast. Michiru and Kaoru collapsed to the ground.

    Then the Precure went to them and argued with Akudaikaan. They said that they would protect Michiru and Kaoru. The Precure fought the Akudaikaan, but he was way too strong for them. Even the twin stream splash attack was too weak.

    Akudaikaan said that he didn't even use half of his power. When he went for the kill, Michiru and Kaoru got up and protected the Precure. They thanked the Precure for teaching them about friendship.

    They gave their balls of miracles to the Precure, as a sign of thanks.

    "We won't be able to see the spring of the sky, but please take care of it for us."

    Then the Precure disappeared, and returned to earth.

    Back on earth, Saki, Mai, Choppi, and Frappi were crying..

    "It's meaningless if we're the only ones saved.."
    "Please Choppi, take us back to the Dark Fall."
    "We can't do that."
    "We couldn't save our friends."

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