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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 48

    Saishuukessen! Ubawareta midori no sato!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.09
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    Continued from the previous episode.

    Gooyaan said that he would destroy the girls, and earth.


    The girls said that they wouldn't let Gooyaan destroy the earth.

    [title screen]

    The girls fought Gooyaan.

    [mid air battle with lots of blasts and punches (with sound effects), just like Dragonball Z]

    Gooyaan was way too strong for the girls, but the girls didn't give up.

    When the girls were badly beaten, Gooyaan asked about the whereabouts of the spring of the sun. But the PreCure said that they would never tell him. Then Gooyaan was going to blast the PreCure with the final blast.

    Just then, Corone hit Gooyaan. Then Fiilia appeared and got ready to fight against Gooyaan. Fiilia used the power of the carafe.

    When Gooyaan released his blast, the carafe went flying into the ocean. Then the ocean lit up! Fiilia had hidden the spring of the sun in the ocean.

    Gooyaan laughed as he finally found the spring of the sun.

    [CM break]

    Then Gooyaan created a large black energy ball and threw it at the ocean. The ball started sucking up all of the "life" out of the ocean, and all fairies on earth.

    Frappi and Choppi said that if the spring of the sun got destroyed, the sekaiju would get destroyed. They would never be able to restore the land of springs and land of green.

    Then the PreCure gathered all of their power and blasted the energy ball. But the PreCure lost their powers, and transformed back into Saki and Mai.

    After a while, Gooyaan's ball sucked all of the energy out of the ocean, and the earth became a dead wasteland without life.

    Gooyaan came and tried to destroy Saki, Mai, Michiru, and Kaoru. But Michiru and Kaoru used the last of their powers to protect Saki and Mai. They all got thrown (within Michiru and Kaoru's force field) to the dead giant tree.

    Saki and Mai cried, as they thought Michiru and Kaoru had died. But Frappi and Choppi said that the dirt was still remaining. Also the sky was still there.

    Then Saki and Mai asked for all the remaining fairies for their power. The fairies answered, and all of the girls recovered. They said that they would protect their world.

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