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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 49

    Zekkouchou nari! Eien no hoshizora no nakama tachi!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.09
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    Continued from the previous episode.

    A recap of the previous episode, where Gooyaan destroyed the spring of the sun. But the PreCure and Michiru and Kaoru regained their powers and said that they would protect their world.


    Gooyaan slowly walked over to the girls, and the girls got ready for the fight.

    [title screen]

    Gooyaan said that the world used to be empty. But then something happened (the big bang) to create the stars and life. Then everything became noisy and unstable. So Gooyaan was going to return everything to its peaceful nothingness.

    Gooyaan released his final attack, but the girls blocked it. They combined all of their powers. They blasted Gooyaan, and when the dust cleared, he was nowhere in sight. They thought that they had defeated Gooyaan.

    But then Gooyaan came out from the ground. He said that he wasn't going to hold back any more, and powered up. Then the earth started breaking up. Eventually, Gooyaan destroyed the planet.

    The earth had been broken up into lots of little pieces. The girls, Corone, and the fairies were all lying near the large tree. Then one by one, the girls started to get up. They talked about their future dreams.

    The fairies all gave their powers to the girls. All four girls combined their powers for a blast.

    [CM break]

    The four girls released their blast. Then Gooyaan released his blast. He said that his power was infinite.

    [a space battle, just like the Sailor Moon R movie]

    The PreCure's blast was getting stronger and stronger. Gooyaan couldn't block the girls' blast. He felt that it was just like the big bang. Just when he was about to disintigrate, he reached out and tried to grab the PreCure. He said that he wouldn't go down alone. But Michiru and Kaoru grabbed the PreCure, and prevented Gooyaan from taking them. Eventually Gooyaan disintigrated.

    When Gooyaan died, all of the fairies returned, and all of the worlds returned to normal.

    The girls and the fairies were at the large tree in the forest. They saw the sekaiju behind the tree. They realized that the large tree was connected to the sekaiju.

    Just then Michiru and Kaoru fainted. They started losing their powers. Since they were created by Akudaikaan's power of destruction, and all of the powers of destruction had been destroyed, they started dying.

    Then the fairies of the land of green appeared. Fiilia asked them for their power to save Michiru and Kaoru. Then they came back to life.

    [the old ending song started playing in the background]

    The scene moved to the future..

    Saki was the captain of the softball team. She was playing for the championship. Since they lost the previous year, she wanted to win this year. All of Saki's friends, including Michiru and Kaoru came to cheer her on.

    [the second ending song started playing]

    The ED showed lots of clips from the series.

    At the end, there was a preview for the new PreCure series, Yes! PreCure 5.

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