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    Akesaka Satomi Internet broadcasts

    Some of the Internet broadcasts that Satomi has appeared in are as follows.

    2008.04.21-2009.04.20Digiko Radiopersonality
    2013.05.10Denjin Gacha "Smile Shooter"host
    2013.06.07Denjin Gacha "Smile Shooter"host
    2013.10.08Sisi Lala Plus Million Arthur Special namahousouguest
    2013.11.08Denjin Gacha "Smile Shooter"host
    2014.04.18Denjin Gachahost
    2014.06.12Denjin Gacha "Locodol"host
    2017.02.24Bang Dream Girls Band Party Happyoukai [live]guest
    2017.04.14Million Arthur Series 5 Shuunen Kinen housouhost
    2017.06.20Seiyuu Anizatsudan 61guest
    2017.07.23Roselia 1st Live Tusikakouen Kaisaikinen Tokubanvideo
    2017.08.18Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 5 [live]guest
    2017.11.28Seiyuu Anizatsudan 82guest {Roselia}
    2018.01.13Roselia Radio Shout in Girlpa Tokyo [live]host
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