Shounen Champion 2014 No. 43

Shounen Champion 2014 No.43
on sale 2014.09.25
270 yen

There is a small photo of Mimori Suzuko () and Kusuda Aina (İ) on the cover of Shounen Champion 2014 issue 43.

There is a 6 page color photo collection of Suzuko and Aina.

Suzuko appeared by herself in Shounen Champion No.35 a couple months ago, but this time she appears with her friend Aina. Both Suzuko and Aina do voices in the TV anime Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku. Suzuko does the voice of Kotetsu and Aina does the voice of Fuguo.

There are short question and answer sessions where each seiyuu talks about the other.

Suzuko and Aina wear three different outfits.

There is also a B3 sized folded poster of Suzuko and Aina.

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