Shounen Sunday 2015 No.24

Shounen Sunday 2015 No.24 (2015.05.27)

on sale 2015.05.13
270 yen

There is a very small photo of Try Sail on the cover.

There is a 6 page photo collection and interview with the seiyuu group Try Sail, Amamiya Sora (ŷ), Asakura Momo (Ҥ), Natsukawa Shiina (Ǻ).

The first three pages are just photos, and they are wearing white outfits. In the interview section, they are wearing colorful, tropical one pieces, in a limousine.

There is also a 2 page interview with Try Sail regarding their debut single "Youthful Dreamer", which is the opening song to the TV anime Denpa Kyoushi.

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