Young Jump 2022 Vol.25

Young Jump 2022 Vol.25

2022.06.02 issue
on sale 2022.05.19
410 yen

The cover has a small photo of Kitou Akari (鬼頭明里).

There is a 5 page photo collection of Akari in the middle of the magazine. Akari is wearing three different outfits, clothes not swimsuits.

There is also a full page advertisement (monochrome page) for Liyuu's first photo book "Kodou" (鼓動), going on sale 5/26. Liyuu (リーユウ) will be featured on the cover of the next issue of Young Jump.

There is also a 2 page article on the upcoming TV anime Kubo-san ha Mobu wo Yurusanai (久保さんは僕を許さない). The main cast will be Hanazawa Kana (花澤香菜) and Kawanishi Kengo. There are some comments by the seiyuu, and also small photos.

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