Young Jump 2023 No.15

Young Jump 2023 No.15

2023.03.23 issue
on sale 2023.03.09
440 yen

There is a large photo of all 9 members of the seiyuu group Liella on the cover of Young Jump No. 15.

There is a 7 page photo collection of Liella at the beginning of the magazine, and a 4 page photo collection in the midddle. There is also a two-sided, folded pull-out poster of Liella.

The first part has all of the Liella members wearing colorful one pieces, matching their character colors. There are group shots and small individual photos. There is also a 2 page spread with the members wearing the white and black outfits for the Liella second album "Second Sparkle". The album will go on sale 3/15.

The second part has the Liella members wearing street clothes, and they are outside in a park.

There is also a 4 page photo collection of Yuina () at the end of the magazine. Yuina does the voice of Wien Margarete in Love Live Superstar.

There is also a full page monochrome advertisement for the photobook by Uchida Maaya (Ŀ). The digital version of Maaya's photobook "Maaya Doki" will be released today (3/9).

There are also B2 sized posters of the Liella members and Yuina to be given away as a present.

There is a 8 minute making of video of Liella on the Young Jump TV youtube channel.

There is also a 4 minute video of Yuina.

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