Voice Animage 14

NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 14

Tokuma Shoten
990 yen
released 1997.05.30

The cover has Kouda Mariko wearing a white shirt.

color section

There is an 11 page article, with lots and lots of nice color pictures of Kouda Mariko. There is also a pull out pin-up of Mariko.

2 pages on Shiina Hekiru's radio show, with color pictures.

1 page on Shiina Hekiru throwing out the first ball of the Nippon Ham Fighters' baseball season, with color pictures. Hekiru is wearing a Fighters' uniform, with number 417.

3 pages on Miyamura Yuko, with color pictures. Yuko is wearing a red basketball uniform, with red shorts.

3 pages on Girls Be, with color pictures. Machiko and Houko are in a park, and wearing shorts.. and holding each other a lot.

3 pages on Iwao Junko's concert Yakusoku, with lots of color pictures.

2 pages on Sakurai Tomo's spring concert, with color pictures. 1.5 pages on Sakurai Tomo's wedding event, and a half page on Tomo's radio drama recording. There are some pictures of Tomo in the wedding dress.

2 pages on Tange Sakura, with color pictures.

2 pages on Horie Yui, with color pictures.

2 pages on Iizuka Mayumi, with color pictures.

1 page on Yokoyama Chisa, with color pictures.

4 pages on Nagasaki Moe, with 11 color pictures. Moe went to Fuji safari park, and played with the animals. She is holding a baby lion in one of the pictures.

monochrome section

1 page "moegurumi" corner by Nagasaki Moe.

2 pages on Yuuseioujo, about their first CD, with monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Shibuya de Chu, with many pictures, featuring Ikezawa Haruna. There are also pictures of Iwao Junko, Hikami Kyoko, and others.
[broadcast on TV Tokyo, Friday 26:25 - 26:55]

1 page on Weekend Joy, with many pictures of Sakurai Tomo.
[broadcast on NHK BS2, Friday 24:15 - ??]

1 page on Animex Club, with pictures of Kusao Takeshi, Nakayama Manami, Okada Kanako, and Kusachi Fumie.
[broadcast on cable TV]

A series of after recording reports for the new spring TV shows.

2 pages on Utena, with individual pictures of the major characters.

1 page on Hyper Police, with a group shot and an individual picture of Miyamura Yuko.

1 page on Pocket Monster, with two group shots: Hayashibara Megumi, Iizuka Mayumi, Matsumoto Rica, Ohtani Ikue, and Miki Shinichirou.

1 page on Inoue Kikuko. A little bit about the Inoue Kikuko Classic CD, a little bit about the Oneechan to Asobou event in Tokyo (5/5), and a little bit about the Goddess Family Club CDs. There is a monochrome picture of the GFC.

10 pages on various radio shows. 1 full page on VA Tanteikyoku Moe Moe Rajimage, with 4 monochrome pictures of Nagasaki Moe and Yuuseioujo.

color section

3 pages on Ikezawa Haruna and Kusachi Fumie, with color pictures.

2 pages on Ikezawa Haruna, with color pictures of her wearing a red and green checkered frilly dress.

2 pages on Sasaki Nozomu, with color pictures.

2 pages on Ogata Megumi, with color pictures. Megumi is riding one of those "mountain boards". It has four little wheels and a strap coming out of the board where you hold on for balance and steering. Megumi is wearing a red helmet and knee and elbow pads.

3 pages on Weiss, in a flower shop, with many color pictures.

monochrome section

2 pages on Seki Tomokazu and Nagasawa Miki, with monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Yamadera Kouichi, with monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Chiba Shigeru, with monochrome pictures.

1 page on Sakaguchi Daisuke, with monochrome pictures.

1 page recording report on Hayashi Nobutoshi, with monochrome pictures.

A half page recording report on Kasahara Hiroko, with a monochrome picture.

A half page recording report on Girls Be, with a monochrome picture.

1 page recording report on Nakagawa Akiko, with monochrome pictures.

Several more recording reports.. Kusao Takeshi, Lamuse, Iizuka Mayumi, Tamura Yukari, Kasahara Rumi, Sasaki Nozomu.

2 pages of game recording information, with lots of monochrome pictures.

2 pages on Tamura Yukari and Hama Yuria, with several monochrome pictures.

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