Love Live SIF Medley Festival

The third type of event in the smartphone game School Idol Festival began in Decemeber 2014, called "Medley Festival". In this event, you can play up to three songs in a row as a medley.

To start one game, you choose the difficulty level and the number of songs. Then the system chooses the songs. All of the songs are the same level (easy, normal, hard, expert) and attribute (smile, pure, cool).

The LP cost for playing the medley is less than a normal song, as it's 12 for hard and 20 for expert. So for a three song medley, it's 36 LP for hard and 60 LP for expert.

Before the medley starts you choose your team, and you have to play all the songs with the same team.

During the medley, all of the combo and life points continue from one song to the next. Since the life points don't recover after the song, playing three expert in a row can be dangerous. Also the requirements for getting a combo (A, B, C) in a three song medley is about three times harder. So you basically have to do a full combo on one song to get a C combo for the medley.

At the end of the medley, you get cards like normal games, but there are some special cards. For normal games and the score match event, you just get 2 or 3 normal cards, with a R card popping up very rarely.

For the medley festival event, at the end of each medley there are three types of prizes: bronze, silver, and gold. For the gold prize, there are some pretty good cards like special SR cards (students), R cards (alpaca, teachers, Nico's sisters, Muse girls), and one draw tickets. The silver prizes also have some of these R cards.

I'm not sure what the criteria is for the different types of prizes, but it seems that the higher difficulty level and more songs in the medley gives out better prizes. Starting with event 43, I started keeping track of the gold, silver, and bronze prizes for each of my medleys.

So in addition to the event SR at the end, one of the goals in this event is the silver and gold prizes at the end of each medley. If you get many gold and silver prizes, you can end up with a zoo! (many kids, animals, and teachers)

For the medley songs, you don't choose any of your game friends for point or skill support. The game randomly chooses the center character from a friend or another player at the beginning of a song. But it's not every song. It seems like the harder levels and longer medleys have a higher chance of the support showing up.

Starting with event 40, I started keeping track of the support appearances during the medleys. Judging by the numbers from events 40 to 61, it seems like the probability of support members appearing for the hard medley is around 30% and the expert medley is around 50%.

When the support members appear before the songs, there is a full screen image of the support character, along with the type of support that she provides. I also have a gallery of support appearance images.

The type of support does not seems to be tied to the card or level of the friends.

Also, you can use your money (gold) to give you various effects. More points, healing, higher chance of better prizes, 5 bad/good note protection, etc. I tried the "higher chance of better prizes", but I couldn't see much improvement. I got all of my gold prizes without using this, and didn't get any gold prizes with this.

Details of the gold, silver, and bronze prizes can be seen in the the medley festival prizes page.
Details of the support appearances can be seen in the medley festival support appearances page.

As for my cutoff predictions, the average daily score for the medley festival event is very close to that of the score match event, and there doesn't seem to be any way to "hide" your score as with the normal events, so I'll assume the curve is going to be just like the score match. After a few medley festival events, I might come up with a slightly different algorithm.

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