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Cutie Pai History

[Peaty1] The group Cutie Pai was originally a four girl unit, made up of Makky ( Makiguchi Youko (巻口容子) ), Miyuu ( Nagai Kasumi (永井かすみ) ), Aina, and Mayu-chan (Kanzaki Mayumi).

All of these girls used to be in Kira Kira Melody Gakuen, and the group held its first event on April 21, 2001. At that time, they didn't have a name for their group. The name Cutie Pai was announced at their second event on May 19.

But Aina left the group on June 16, 2001, and Cutie Pai performed for almost one year with just Makky, Miyuu, and Mayu-chan.

But Miyuu left the group on April 3, 2002! (;_;)


[2003.01.13] Then in May 2002, a new member (Momose Machiko) joined the group. This three member Cutie Pai performed for about 10 months, but Momose left the group on February 2, 2003.

Since February 14, 2003, Cutie Pai has become a two member group.

[There's more.. but I stopped following Cutie Pai. - H.Doi]


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