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Cutie Pai songs

Cutie Pai writes their own songs, and the list of their current songs (and when it was first sung) is as follows.

event song
2001.05.19 Reflection Love (written by Mayu-chan)
2001.06.28 Hello Cutie Pai (written by Mayu-chan)
2001.07.31 Peaty Time (written by Miyuu)
2001.07.31 Yell (written by Mayu-chan)
2001.09.23 Koi no Kisetsu to Kimi to Boku (written by Mayu-chan)
2001.11.04 Love Power (written by Miyuu)
2002.02.06 Fukou Jiman (written by Mayu-chan)
2002.02.17 Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari (written by Mayu-chan)
2002.07.13 Tokimeki Munasawagi (written by Mayu-chan)
2002.07.13 Jenny ha Gokigen Naname (written by ?)
2002.11.17 Life (written by Mayu-chan)
2002.11.17 Chicchana Tsubasa (written by Mayu-chan)
2002.12.29 Kimi ha Atashi no Mono (written by Mayu-chan)
2003.03.10 Tokyo Refrain (written by Mayu-chan)
2003.06.14 Kiss Suru Mae ni (written by ?)
2003.06.21 Switch (written by Mayu-chan)
2003.07.12 Atarashii Hi (written by Mayu-chan)

The song Reflection Love is being used as an insert song for the anime G-On Riders, and it was released as a CD single on September 10, 2002.

Cutie Pai's second CD Hello! Cutie Pai went on sale January 13, 2003. Their third CD Tamaniha Konna Koino Hajimari went on sale April 20, 2003.

In September 2001, they sold a Cutie Pai radio MD which contained some of the Cutie Pai songs, in addition to talk and a radio drama (like a radio show).


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