Hayashi Nobutoshi CDs

Some of the CDs that Nobutoshi has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Nobutoshi has released the following solo CDs.

1998.04.25Born (WPCV-7422)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Nobutoshi appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1991.10.21Metal Jack Hard Play (KICA-67)Talk
1993.12.23Lodoss Tou Senki 6 (KCAN-1018)Talk
1994.01.25Fire Emblem (MWCG-0007)Talk
1995.03.24Macross 7 Docking Festival -Uta ha ginga wo sukuu- (VICL-575)Talk
1995.08.23Live!! Fire (VICL-2158)Song
1995.09.21Macross 7 CD Cinema 1 Mellow Heart Beat (VICL-691)Talk
1995.09.21Sotsugyou Crossworld "Sotsugyou M" (COCC-12878)Talk
1995.10.21Macross 7 CD Cinema 2 Melodious Illusion (VICL-692)Talk
1995.12.??Macross 7 Galaxy Network EX (CT Animedia October 1995)Talk
1996.01.10Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 1 (VOCR-5003)Talk
1996.01.20Girl (COCC-18105)Song
1996.01.24Macross 7 CD Cinema 3 Galaxy Song Battle 1 (VICL-740)Talk
1996.01.24Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 2 (VOCR-5004)Talk
1996.02.21Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 3 (VOCR-5005)Talk
1996.03.06Macross 7 CD Cinema 4 Galaxy Song Battle 2 (VICL-741)Talk
1996.03.23Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 4 (VOCR-5006)Talk
1996.04.03Macross 7 CD Cinema 5 Galaxy Song Bettle 3 (VICL-742)Talk
1996.05.22Boku no Marie Wars CD Cinema 1 (VICL-8190)Talk
1996.05.22Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 5 (VOCR-5008)Talk
1996.06.05Marriage -Kekkon CD Cinema 1 (VICL-8194)Talk
1996.06.21Susume! Super Angels! sono 1Talk
1996.06.??Quo Vadis Drama CD Vol 6 (VOCR-5009)Talk
1996.08.21Susume! Super Angels! sono 2Talk
1996.09.21Macross 7 Trash (VICL-802)Talk
1996.11.25Pretty in WhiteSong
1997.01.10E.M.U. Equal (COCC-14020)Song
1997.03.20E.M.U. Equal Live Tour (COCC-14053-14054)Song
1997.04.19Oretachi ni Makasero! volume 3 (COCC-14159)Talk
1997.07.25Angelique Special 2 (KECH-1114)Talk
1997.09.25Money Idol ExchangerTalk
1997.10.21Oretachi ni Makasero! volume 4 (COCC-14581)Talk
1998.01.21Sotsugyou M Drama Collection (COCC-14774)Talk
1998.02.01Angelique Kiss Kiss Kiss (KECH-1124-1125)Song
1998.03.21Rainbow 4 Doodo and Dran (VICL-35014)Song
1998.05.20Hiza no Ue no Partner drama CD kouhen (PCCB-317)Talk
1998.07.24Mitsumete Knight 1 Entrance (KICA-7881)Talk
1998.08.21E.M.U. the Remix (COCX-30008)Song
1998.10.01E.M.U. the Best (COCX-30061)Song
1998.12.19Sotsugyou M Song Collection (COCX-30225)Song
2000.04.21E.M.U. Memorial Box (COCX-30832--COCX-30836)Song
2007.08.0825th Anniversary Macross Maximum Box! (VIZL-244)Song

CD Singles

Nobutoshi appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1995.08.01Macross Festival '95 Ticket Magazine (ISBN4-938762-25-0)Talk
1995.??.??Macross 7 Fire Bomber Galaxy Network vol 0 (CDES-145)Talk
1997.02.05Angelique Shugosei Collection 3 -Randy (KEDH-1006)Song/Talk
1997.05.21Mecha Hajikete Guts Tobashite (TYDY-2085)Song
1997.07.19Mountain (COCC-14455)Song
1997.11.01Sotsugyou M voice message Nakamoto Shou (CODC-1354)talk
1997.??.??Macross Dynamite 7 Fire Bomber Galaxy Fun Net CD (CDES-291)Talk
1998.12.01Heart ha Koukiatsu [E.M.U.] (CODC-1673)Song
1999.05.01Sotsugyou M character CD special 1 ()Song
1999.05.01Sotsugyou M character CD special 4 ()Song

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