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    Inoue Kikuko TV appearances

    Some of the tv that Kikuko has appeared in are as follows.

    1994.02.04Cafe City YokohamaGuest
    1994.06.25Countdown TVGuest
    1995.07.06TV Asahi NewsGuest
    1996.03.28Kaitou Saint Tail Specialhost
    1998.07.24Shibuya de ChuGuest
    1998.09.11Shibuya de ChuGuest
    2000.10.13Anicom TVAa Megami-sama interview
    2000.10.27Anicom TVArgent Soma afureco
    2001.05.05Anime Yuuenchievent
    2001.11.18AX Jouhoukyoku Zoukangou -Tokyo Game Show 2001 Autumn-TGS report, interview
    2005.09.15TV Champion Akiba Ou Senshuken (TV Tokyo)Guest
    2014.10.05Girl Friend (kari)interview
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