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    Inoue Kikuko radio

    Radio Shows

    Kikuko was a regular on the following radio shows.

    Guest Appearances

    Kikuko appeared as a guest on the following radio shows.

    1995.01.29Nowanchatte Say Youguest
    1995.02.05Nowanchatte Say Youguest
    1995.04.21Anime Scrambleguest
    1995.06.02Knight of Midnightguest
    1995.06.15Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1996.03.10Voogie's Angelguest
    1996.05.16Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1996.06.10Cream Soda to Gimletguest
    1996.06.17Cream Soda to Gimletguest
    1996.07.04Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1996.08-1996.09Parachute Yuugekitaiguest
    1996.09.28Twinbee Paradise 3guest
    1996.10.23Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1996.12.18Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1997.01.18-1997.01.25VA Tanteikyoku Rajimageguest
    1997.02.20Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1997.02.23Nami Nori Anime Journalguest
    1997.03.01-1997.03.22VA Tanteikyoku Rajimageguest
    1997.03.07L Stationguest
    1997.06.16Chaparasuka Wooguest
    1997.08.03Aa Megami-sama Otasuke Megami Housoukyokuhost
    1998.05.18AniGe Masterguest
    1998.11.14Shiny Nightguest
    1999.04.18Aa Shin Tenchi Muyouguest
    1999.11.20Magical Egg he Youkosoguest
    1999.12.11NHK-FM Satuday Hot Requestguest
    2000.02.08Ani Game Paradiseguest
    2002.08.10Pita Pita AngelGuest
    2003.01.23Pita Pita Angel AGuest
    2003.02.01Nowanchatte Say Youguest
    2003.02.01Porikero no Nowaxanchatte Say YouGuest
    2003.03.09Radio Anime DonburiGuest
    2003.04.06Tales RingGuest
    2003.04.13Tales Ringguest
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