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  • Girlpa Radio with Afterglow in Girlpa Tokyo

    title Girlpa Radio with Afterglow (Girl Party in Tokyo)
    date 2018.01.14 13:00-
    broadcast niconico, abema fresh, youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewIPDD9oC2I
    hosts Misawa Sachika (߷)
    guests Sakura Ayane (Ұ)
    Katou Emiri (ƣΤ)
    Hata Sawako (»)
    Yoshida Yuuri

    This was a live broadcast of the stage event that took place during the Girls Band Party Live and Party in Tokyo event.

    This was a public recording of Misawa Sachika's Girlpa Radio. The emcee of the event was Sachika. Sachika came onto the stage by herself, and gave a short intro. Then she called the guests to the stage. Then everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and they brought out a cake for Sachika. This was a surprise, as Sachika was given a fake script for the opening.

    Then the guests introduced themselves, Sakura Ayane (Mitake Ran of Afterglow), Katou Emiri (Uehara Himari of Afterglow), Hata Sawako (Wakamiya Eve of Pastel Palettes) and Yoshida Yuuri (Kitazawa Hagumi of Hello Happy World).

    Sawako was wearing a white top and long blue skirt. Her hair was in braids.

    Then they all sat down at the table. They all introduced their own characters, and their bands.

    Sawako said she spent a lot of money during the new years, but she eventually got the new 4 star card of Eve.

    There was a question and answer session by the seiyuu guests. The questions were music related.

    Then they talked about the Bang Dream CDs by each band going on sale soon.

    Sawako talked about the Pastel Palettes CD (on sale 1/17). She said that Maruyama Aya (Maeshima Ami) is the main singer, but the chorus parts were sung by everyone. For the song "Yura Yura Ring-Dong-Dance", the main vocals were done by both Ami and Chisato (Uesaka Sumire).

    Then they had a quiz corner. The quiz questions were about Sachika.

    Sawako and Ayane answered correctly, so they played a little bit of the Pastel Palettes and Afterglow songs.

    At the end they introduced some Girls Band Party goods, including the high resolution headphones. Then the seiyuu said their goodbyes and left the stage.

    During the Girls Band Party Live and Party in Tokyo event, the following four stages were broadcast live.
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