Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou 6/9

title Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou
date 2017.06.09
broadcast niconico, bandai channel
archive none
hosts Aida Rikako ()
Kobayashi Aika (Ӱ)
Suzuki Aina (ڰ)
video Azalea

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Sunshine. The members were Guilty Kiss (Rikako, Aiko, and Aina).

They were broadcasting from Ikebukuro, where the School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 event would be held the next two days.
This was a special 90 minute broadcast.

The Guilty Kiss members played games and such for the unit contest.

There was a recorded video quiz by Azalea, which was recorded in the Love Live train in Numazu.

They also showed the jacket picture of the new Guilty Kiss CD, and played the song "Kowareyasuki".

The School Idol Festival song that they played was "Strawberry Trapper". They played expert mode and their max combo was 311, the best among the groups.

In the new information corner, they gave the information on the Aqours Next Step project CD that will go on sale 6/30, "Landing Action Yeah!" There will be 11 tracks, one group song track, one karaoke track, and nine solo song tracks. Then they opened the package and showed the CD, booklet, and badge. They also played a little bit of the song.

The last 25 minutes of this broadcast was a report on the actual School Idol Festival Kanshasai sets and displays. There was a setting of Chika's house, and Rikako crawled into the dog house.

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