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    Ishikawa Hideo CDs (miscellaneous)

    Hideo appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

    1994.01.25Fire Emblem (MWCG-0007)Talk
    1994.05.25Sword World: Inishie no Kyojin Densetsu 1 (DPCX-5030)Talk
    1994.06.25Sword World: Inishie no Kyojin Densetsu 2 (DPCX-5031)Talk
    1994.07.25Sword World: Inishie no Kyojin Densetsu 3 (DPCX-5032)Talk
    1995.06.10Wedding Dress ni Akai Bara 1 (TKCA-70637)Talk
    1995.09.21Sotsugyou Crossworld "Sotsugyou M" (COCC-12878)Talk
    1996.01.20Girl (COCC-18105)Song
    1996.06.05Marriage -Kekkon CD Cinema 1 (VICL-8194)Talk
    1996.10.23Souryuuden I Chounouryoku 4 Kyoudai (KICA-7011-7012)Talk
    1996.12.21Oretachi ni Makasero! (COCC-13982)Talk
    1997.01.10E.M.U. Equal (COCC-14020)Song
    1997.01.21Oretachi ni Makasero! volume 2 (COCC-14019)Talk
    1997.03.20E.M.U. Equal Live Tour (COCC-14053-14054)Song
    1997.04.19Oretachi ni Makasero! volume 3 (COCC-14159)Talk
    1997.09.25Money Idol ExchangerTalk
    1997.10.21Oretachi ni Makasero! volume 4 (COCC-14581)Talk
    1997.10.22True Love Story drama CD vol. 4 (WDCD-28015)Talk
    1998.01.21Sotsugyou M Drama Collection (COCC-14774)Talk
    1998.03.04Nekomusume Songs Manekigaoka Gakuenhen (KICA-394)Song
    1998.08.21E.M.U. the Remix (COCX-30008)Song
    1998.10.01E.M.U. the Best (COCX-30061)Song
    1998.12.16Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala Final Best SelectionSong
    1998.12.19Sotsugyou M Song Collection (COCX-30225)Song
    1999.04.21Kafuka (MMCM-7001)Talk
    2000.03.24Yasha (PICA-1203)Talk
    2000.04.21E.M.U. Memorial Box (COCX-30832--COCX-30836)Song
    2001.09.26Wild Adapter (MMCC-4022)Song/Talk
    2006.03.10Tales of Destiny Chijou-hen (FCCT-9003)Talk
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