Kanai Mika DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Mika has appeared in are as follows.

1992.07.23Who (CRVP-4001)Song
1994.??.??Voice Actor 30 I (KMPL-101)Talk
1995.08.21Voice Actor 30 Series Super 2 (TKPV-202 TKPL-202)Talk
1995.09.21Voice Actor 30 Series Super 3 (TKPV-203 TKPL-203)Talk
1995.??.??Golden Boy (KSS Films JSLA-22666)Interview
1995.??.??Kamiya Akira no Seiyuu Banzai! 2 (COVC-4615)Talk
1996.04.19Seiyuu Daisuki Video Special (MRVA-10004)Talk
1996.04.24Say You Club TV vol 3 (BVAA-13 BVLA-13)Talk
1996.06.21It's Say You! vol 3 LD (COLC-3191)Talk
1997.summerGame Tengoku The Game ParadiseSong, Talk

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