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Kanai Mika events

Some of the events that Mika has appeared in are as follows.

1995.03.01Playdia V event
1995.03.21Onikirimaru 3 and 4 Event
1995.04.15Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei Event in Osaka
1995.04.16Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei Event in Tokyo
1995.05.14Makeruna Makendou
1995.07.09Idol Project in Tokyo
1995.07.16Golden Boy in Osaka
1995.07.22Golden Boy in Tokyo
1995.07.23Tylor in Tokyo
1995.07.30Idol Project in Osaka
1995.08.06Pink Pineapple Kanshasai
1995.08.28YAG Spark
1995.12.29Kashiwa Sogo Anime Festival
1996.03.28Playstation Expo 96
1996.03.29Playstation Expo 96
1996.07.14Houma Hunter Lime in Osaka
1996.07.21Houma Hunter Lime in Tokyo
1996.08.24Tokyo Game Show '96
1996.08.31Nightruth event
1996.09.03Kaitou Saint Tail Seiyuu Collection
1997.04.02Shibuya de Chu vol 2
1997.04.05Tokyo Game Show
1997.04.06Tokyo Game Show
1997.09.06Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
1997.09.07Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
1998.02.08Radio ROM event at Animate Akihabara
1998.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
1998.03.22Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
1998.07.19Radio ROM Night vol 6 event
1998.08.232nd Ani Raji Festival
1998.10.10Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1998.10.11Tokyo Game Show Autumn 1998
1999.09.18Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
1999.09.19Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
1999.12.22-1999.12.25Live a Combination 5
2001.03.11Sengoku Shougi event in Kojima Denki New Edogawa
2001.04.01Daa! Daa! Daa! Producer and Seiyuu Talk Show
2001.04.22Medaka no Kakkou public recording
2001.05.20[13:00] Galaxy Angel event in Gamers Akihabara
2001.05.20[15:00] Galaxy Angel event in Gamers Akihabara
2001.07.29Akumajan Devil Mahjong event in Daiei Shoppers Plaza
2001.09.15The 6th Animation Kobe Song and Talk Anime Paradise
2002.03.30[17:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
2002.05.04[13:00] Di Gi Charat & Angel Tai Concert
2002.05.19Yotsuya Shiki Cyber Project Fan Event
2002.08.18[18:00] Yotsuya Shiki Cyber Project event
2003.06.28[16:00] Ken-chan Mika-chan no Black Dragon public recording
2004.09.26[16:00] Tokyo Game Show 2004 Cyber Front booth
2006.12.03[15:00/19:00] Ken Pro Omochabako Part 3
2007.05.13[18:00] Sakura Taisen Budoukan Live
2007.12.16[18:00] Suu Chii Pai Xmas Live 2007
2008.03.08[19:00] Sakura Cafe event
2008.03.30[11:30/14:30] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Toei Animation booth
2008.09.23[15:00] Tales of Festival 2008
2009.12.26[18:30] Sakura Taisen Paris Hana Gumi Live
2009.12.27[13:00/17:00] Sakura Taisen Paris Hana Gumi Live
2010.06.20[13:30/18:00] "Reading For The Ties 2010" JCB Hall
2010.12.10[18:30] Sakura Taisen Paris and New York Live 2010
2010.12.11[13:00/18:00] Sakura Taisen Paris and New York Live 2010
2010.12.12[17:00] Sakura Taisen Paris and New York Live 2010
2011.10.07[18:00] Sakura Taisen Budoukan Live 2
2012.09.08[] Anime Fair Kansai 2012 Seiyuu Premium Stage
2012.12.28[13:30/18:30] Sakura Taisen Paris Hana Gumi Live 2012
2012.12.29[13:00] Sakura Taisen Paris Hana Gumi Live 2012