Mizuki Sanae events

Some of the events that Sanae has appeared in are as follows.

2003.03.29[14:00] Blaze of Destiny event in Messe San'ou
2004.04.25[11:00] Chara Fes 2004 Spring at Big Sight
2004.04.30[19:00] D-Live 2004 Spring at Joining Square
2004.05.04[11:00] Dream Party Tokyo in Big Sight
2004.05.05[10:00] Cos Chara World
2004.05.23[18:00] Ani Song Holiday vol 5
2004.05.29[18:00] Famires Senshi Pudding event in Ishimaru Pascon Tower
2004.06.07[19:30] Millefeuille Live at Roppongi isn't it
2004.08.01[18:00] D-Live 2004 Summer
2004.08.08[18:15] Rock in Shinjuku Club Doctor
2004.09.19[12:30] Ani Song Sunday
2004.10.17[12:30] Ani Song Sunday
2004.11.20[12:30] Ani Song Saturday
2004.12.23[12:30] Ani Song Holiday! Christmas Live
2004.12.29[15:00/18:30] D-Live 2004 Winter
2005.01.04[16:30] Ani Song Holiday! Isshuunen Kinen Live
2005.01.23[12:30] Ani Song Holiday Z hiru
2005.02.27[12:00] Ani Song Holiday Z
2005.03.05[19:00] Asa Hina -Asagaya Girls Hina Matsuri-
2005.04.05[19:30] Ani Song Fire! in Asagaya Drum
2005.04.24[19:00] Ani Song Holiday Z
2005.04.29[17:00] Midori no Hi at Asagaya Drum
2005.05.07[18:40] Terebi Gamajin The Live 2
2005.07.03Chara Fes Tokyo
2005.08.27[19:00] Ani Song Holiday Z
2005.09.03[13:00] Terebi Gamazin The Live 3
2005.09.24[19:00] Ani Song Holiday Z "Shounen Magazine"
2005.10.08[13:00] Vo Girl Band Day
2005.11.19[18:30] Drum Dayo! Zen'in Shuugou
2006.05.06[17:30] Telegamania

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