Mizuno Manabi DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Manabi has appeared in are as follows.

2000.05.24DVD Voice Animage vol 1 (TKBA-1002)Talk
2000.07.24DVD Voice Animage vol 2 (TKBA-1003)Talk
2000.10.25Nagasaki Moe & Mizuno Manabi Cosplay Daizenshuu [DVD] ()reporter
2001.03.10AX April 2001 [DVD]talk
2001.03.23Manabi Films 1998-200 (PIBA-1089)Song
2001.07.10AX August 2001 [DVD]Dangaioh talk
2001.09.10AX October 2001 [DVD]talk
2002.01.25Live! Girly Chic (PIBA-7038)Concert

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