Nagai Noa events (2004)

Some of the events that Noa has appeared in during the year 2004 are as follows.

2004.01.25[13:00] Ryouko-sensei no Shinryoushitsu event in Ishimaru Soft One
2004.01.25[17:00] Ryouko-sensei no Shinryoushitsu event in Asobit City
2004.02.22[14:00] Caramel Project Audition
2004.05.09[19:00] Kaiketsu! Caramel Police 3 mini live at Ishimaru Soft One
2004.09.26[12:45] Tokyo Game Show 2004 Sammy Sega booth
2004.11.03[17:00] Bunka Housou Radio Festa 2004
2004.11.23[17:00] Shinjuku JAM SESSION Caramel Police Academy Petite Review

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