Nanjou Yoshino TV appearances

Some of the tv that Yoshino has appeared in are as follows.

2010.08.01Music Japan Shinseiki Anison SP3Live performance
2013.04.07Animax Studio Musixperformance {fripSide}
2013.07.06Milky Holmes Specialinterview
2014.03.30Haru mo Egao de 1 2 Jump!Concert video clips
2014.10.20Music Japanperformance {Muse}
2014.12.31Love Live! 2014 Nen Arigatou Bounenkai Muse to Sugosu Oomisoka SPguest
2015.02.16R no Housokuguest {Muse}
2015.10.11Music Japanvideo message {Muse}
2015.12.05Love Live Special Program "Muse Koremade to Korekara"talk
2016.04.29Naomi no Heyasong performance
2016.07.23LisAni TVguest
2016.10.21Naomi no Heyasong performance
2017.05.21LisAni! Live 2017 Sunday Stage [M-ON]concert
2017.07.06AniGe Eleven 91guest
2017.12.23LisAni Navi 39video
2018.12.29Anison! Premium! 2018 [NHK]performance {fripSide}
2019.12.22Anison Premium Fes.2019 [NHK]fripSide performance
2020.03.08Anison! Premium!Love Live Fes video
2020.04.25LisAni! Live 2020 Saturday Stage [M-ON]concert {fripSide}
2020.04.29Love Live! Fes [FujiTV]event video

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