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    Noda Junko events

    Some of the events that Junko has appeared in are as follows.

    1990.03.03-1990.03.047th Nihon Anime Festival
    1997.09.07Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
    1998.05.19Buzz Vibits broadcast at Taito Station
    1999.03.31Anzu Last Live
    1999.04.18Soreru announcement
    1999.07.04Sorrel min talk live vol 2
    1999.09.19Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
    1999.12.22Tokimeki Memorial 2 in store live at Shibuya Tsutaya
    1999.12.27Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
    1999.12.27Anime Kouhaku Utagassen Uchiage Daihousou Party
    2000.01.30Love Hina comic image album event
    2000.03.28Tokimeki Memorial 2 Emotional Vocal Special 2000 in Itabashi
    2000.08.05Club db public recording
    2000.08.06Love Live Hina in Zepp Osaka
    2000.10.08Love Hina live in On Air East
    2000.10.29Tokimeki Memorial 2 Live 2000 Aki
    2000.11.25"Fly Away" event in Osaka
    2001.03.20[17:00] ES Hour Event no Ojikan at Nagoya Kouwakan
    2001.03.24Haru damono! Love Live Hina Final
    2001.04.08Tokimeki Memorial 2 Premium Event in Osaka
    2001.04.14Tokimeki Memorial 2 Premium Event in Suginami Koukaidou
    2001.04.21Rotanda Sound Live in Tenpouzan Market Place
    2001.04.22Rotanda Sound Live in Tenpouzan Market Place
    2001.06.17Dai 3 Kai Drama Contest
    2001.10.06[13:30] ES Hour Live no Ojikan at Uesugi Jinja
    2001.10.06Yozan Festival
    2001.10.27Rotanda Sound Live
    2001.10.28Rotanda Sound Live
    2001.11.18J.Noda Live 2001 -Toughen Up!-
    2001.12.01J.Noda Live 2001 -Toughen Up!- in Shinsaibashi
    2002.02.16[14:30/18:30] Sotsugyoushiki Dayo Zen'in Shuugou! in Club Phase
    2002.03.31[14:00] Tokyo Myuu Myuu anime event in Yamaha Hall
    2002.04.07[16:00] Reavel Fantasia -Mariel to Yousei Monogatari- Hisshou Hall
    2002.05.03[18:30] Chocolate Mix live at Club Phase
    2002.05.26[15:00] Sorrel Talk and Mini Live in Aoni Museum
    2002.07.07[14:00/18:00] Tea Cups vol 2 -Noda Junko Birthday Party-
    2002.08.17[14:30/18:00] Live 2002 -Sparkling Shooting Star-
    2002.08.21[12:30] Tokyo Mew Mew event in Harajuku Ruido
    2002.10.26[17:30] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live
    2002.12.17Chocolate Mix in Takadanobaba Club Phase
    2003.02.01[16:00] Precious Time -J.Noda Acoustic Mini Live-
    2003.05.04[13:00] Tokimeki Club Presents Special Event vol 1 Boy's Side
    2003.05.31[15:00/18:00] Tokimeki Memorial 2 Typing event in Gamers Nanba
    2003.08.31[14:00/18:00] Tea-Cups vol 3 Joshibu in Club Phase
    2003.09.28[14:30] Tokyo Game Show 2003 NTT Docomo Booth
    2003.11.23[16:00] Mixchu Voichu vol 2 in Live Gate Tokyo
    2003.12.13[17:30] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live 2 in Nakano Sun Plaza
    2004.02.14[14:00/18:00] J.Noda Live -Here and There-
    2004.02.23[18:30] A&I Records Night vol 4 at Shibuya Ruido K2
    2004.08.01[19:00] Bullet 77 2nd Live
    2004.10.17[13:30] Seishun Rajimenia public recording
    2004.12.20[18:00] Hitorigokko
    2005.01.10[16:00/19:00] Trick or Treat vol 1
    2005.12.31[20:00] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live forever Countdown 2006
    2006.03.19[19:00] kaoryclub presents "Chudog"
    2006.07.15[18:00] Trick or Treat vol 4
    2006.08.05[18:30] Peach Taste at Kannai Baysis
    2006.11.12[14:00/18:00] Trick or Treat vol 5
    2006.12.29[15:00/19:00] Akusepi Kikaku Tokimeki? Dramatic Live
    2007.07.08[15:00/18:30] Trick or Treat vol 6 Nodajun Talk Live
    2007.08.17[19:00] Summer's Reading Theater
    2007.08.18[13:00] Summer's Reading Theater
    2008.01.14[15:00/18:30] J.Noda Live 2008 -Keep at it- Umeda am Hall
    2008.01.20[15:00/18:30] J.Noda Live 2008 -Keep at it- Club Phase
    2008.02.17[19:00] 2008 February Dramatic Night!
    2008.03.15[14:30/18:00] Yoko Ishida & Junko Noda -Love to dp-
    2008.11.08[18:30] D-Quintet 3rd Live
    2008.11.22[15:00/18:30] Trick or Treat vol 8 Nodajun Reading Live
    2009.05.03[19:00] Sorrel3 in morph-tokyo
    2009.11.29[15:00/18:30] J.Noda Live 2009 10th anniversary -Sing Away-
    2010.02.20[18:30] Trick or Treat vol 9 Nodajun Talk & Live
    2010.03.07[14:30] Yoko Ishida & Junko Noda Live J-Popcafe
    2010.03.07[18:30] Yoko Ishida & Junko Noda live J-Popcafe
    2010.06.26[15:30/19:30] Reading Live Niji no Oto
    2010.06.27[12:30] Reading Live Niji no Oto
    2010.10.31[13:00/17:30] Trick or Treat vol.10
    2011.02.05[14:30/18:30] D-Quintet 5th Live Club Phase
    2011.06.29[19:30] Nodajun Birthday Party Roppongi BeeHive
    2012.09.29[15:00] Kyo Pop Live
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