Noda Junko CDs

Some of the CDs that Junko has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Junko has released the following solo CDs.

2001.09.29Tokimeki Memorial 2 Blooming Stories 10 (KMCM-10)Song/Talk
2001.11.07Tough But Tender (KMCA-123)Song
2002.07.03Sparkle -Songs from Tokimeki Memorial 2- (KMCA-161)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Junko appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1996.05.21Kuro Kami no Captured drama CD vol 1 (AYCM-512)Talk
1996.08.21Voice Challenger Vol 1 -Sotsugyou hen- (NACL 1233-1234)Talk
1997.09.25Money Idol ExchangerTalk
1998.08.01Omoide no School Days 2 (MACM-1011)Talk
1998.08.21My Angel (VMJ-0001)Talk
1999.12.23Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vocal Tracks (KMCA-39)Song
2000.01.28Love Hina (KICA-492)Talk
2000.04.26I Love Hina (KICA-504)Talk
2000.05.10Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vocal Tracks 2 (KMCA-56)Song
2000.06.21Love Hina 1 (KICA-511)Song/Talk
2000.07.26Love Hina 2 (KICA-515)Talk
2000.08.23Love Hina 3 (KICA-520)Talk
2000.10.25Drama CD Tokimeki Memorial 2 vol 1 (KMCA-68)Talk
2001.01.24Love Hina Winte Special (KICA-531)Talk
2001.01.24Silent Eve Love Hina Winter Special (KICA-531)Song/Talk
2001.03.07Seiyuu Omnibus CD "Vintage" (KICA-1246)Song {Track 3}
2001.03.16Tokimeki Memorial 2 Music Collection 2 (KMCA-93)Song {Bonus track}
2001.03.21Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vocal Tracks 3 (KMCA-88)Song
2001.06.06Love Hina Spring Special (KICA-541)Song
2001.08.29Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vocal Tracks 4 (KMCA-115)Song
2001.10.03Hinata Girls Song Best 2 (KICA-557)Song
2002.01.23Seiyuu Best Talk Collection (SCDC-001544-001545)Talk
2002.02.28Drama CD Tokimeki Memorial 2 vol 10 (KMCA-150)Talk/Song
2002.05.22Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vocal Tracks 5 (KMCA-157)Song
2005.12.16Gun X Sword drama CD (VICL-61831)Talk
2006.03.08Gun X Sword Episode + (VICL-61870)Talk

CD Singles

Junko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

1999.11.26Yuuki no Kamisama [Hinomoto Hikari] (KMDA-2)Song
2000.05.10Break Up (NEDA-10023)Song
2000.08.03Adventure (KDMA-5)Song
2000.08.03Adventure/Smile Again (KMDA5)Song
2001.02.07For Yourself (KMCM-11)Song
2002.05.01We Wish -Boku-tachi no Eien- (KMCM-18)Song
2002.10.23Tokimeki Memorial Densetsu no Bashohe (KMCM-21)Song

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