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    Nomizu Iori CDs (singles)

    Iori appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    2006.11.08Miracle Drops (RIZU-1)Song
    2010.02.24Beam My Beam (COCC-16345)Song
    2011.02.09Ma Ka Se Te Tonight (VTCL-35102)Song
    2012.04.25Passionato (VTZL-42)Song
    2012.07.04Himekuri (COZC-693 COZC-694)Song
    2012.07.04I.N.G. (COZC-691 COZC-692)Song
    2013.01.30Black + White (VTZL-52)Song
    2013.05.08Date A Live (COZC-770)Song
    2013.05.08Save The World (VTZL-51)Song
    2014.05.06Trust in You (COZC-911)Song
    2015.02.04Blade of Hope (COCC-16969)Song
    2015.08.19Invisible Date (COZC-1075)Song
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