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  • ߣΣɣǣȣ - 1997.07.20

    Teno Hira no Uchuu (Iwao Junko)
    Junko cried on the radio a few weeks ago, and many people were worried. But junko said that it was just because she got emotional about the picture book. She is very genki now, so people don't have to worry about her.

    Junko was wearing white sandals. Last year, at the public recording event, Junko wore a yukata with bare feet, and she was very nervous. Even for the Hajimemashite album, when she took pictures barefeet, it took her a long time to take her shoes off. But now, she's used to going barefeet.

    Someone asked about her previously released CDs. Junko said that her fourth album will be coming out this fall, and her previous albums are Hajimemashite, Entrance, and 18 Bangai no Kiseki.

    The title of the fourth album will be announced next week. It was going to be Caramel, but they changed it. Junko said that this album will be the "real" her. Hajimemashite was too "cute" and Entrance was too "old".

    Recently there are many things that Junko wants to do, so she doesn't have time to sleep. She's sad when she wakes up, and discovers that she had slept on the sofa.

    Junko likes to drink beer in the summer.

    Guu-chan is about 60 grams now.

    Then Junko played Teno Hira no Uchuu, that just went on sale. This is the ending song to Key the Metal Idol episode 15.

    Junko read some more letters.

    Then Junko read letters and sang for the "iwaou" and "kaeuta" corners.

    Junko got letters saying that she was doing too many events, and that they wanted her to do her "real" job, as a seiyuu. But Junko said that singing was also her "real" job, as well as doing voice work and radio work.

    Junko would like to do a public recording event sometime again.

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