Sakakibara Yui events (2006)

Some of the events that Yui has appeared in during the year 2006 are as follows.

2006.01.27[14:00] 1st CD "Yuithm" handshake event at Gamers Akihabara
2006.01.27[17:30] 1st CD "Yuithm" handshake event at Yamagiwa Soft
2006.01.28[12:00] Character New Party in Kyoto
2006.08.06Sakakibara Yui Live at Toranoana Akihabara 7F
2006.08.11[16:00] Comic Market 70 Pajama Soft booth
2006.09.23[12:15/15:00] Tokyo Game Show 2006 Marvelous Interactive booth
2006.10.22[11:50] Dream Party 2006 5pb Live Stage
2006.10.22[16:30] Dream Party 2006 Arupejio talk and opening live
2006.10.28[15:00] Starchild Aki Fuyu Collection
2006.10.29[15:00/17:00] Happiness OP/ED CD talk/live/handshake
2006.11.12[14:00] Oto Boku Special Event in Club Citta
2006.12.30[15:30] Comic Market 71 Pajama Soft Booth

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