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Sakakibara Yui events

Some of the events that Yui has appeared in are as follows.

2003.03.29[14:00] Blaze of Destiny event in Messe San'ou
2003.08.16[15:00] Comic Market 64 Meguri Hitohira stage
2004.08.15[14:00] Comic Market 66
2004.10.11[11:00] Dream Party Tokyo
2004.11.21[16:00] Chara Fes Tokyo CD selling
2004.11.21Chara Fes Tokyo main stage
2004.12.29[14:30] Comic Market 67 Hobi booth
2004.12.30[14:30] Comic Market 67 Hobi booth
2005.02.04[19:00] Dandelion Mania II at Cure Maid Cafe
2005.04.17[12:00] Sakakibara Yui special live in Gekishinsai
2005.05.04Dream Party 2005 main stage
2005.07.03[12:30] Chara Fes Tokyo main stage
2005.08.12Comic Market 68 event
2005.08.13Comic Market 68 event
2005.09.25[15:00] "Eternal Destiny" event in Yamagiwa Soft
2005.10.08[17:30] Happy Love Live
2005.10.10[17:00] Dream Party Tokyo Prism Night public recording and mini live
2005.12.30[14:30] Comic Market 69 CD signing event
2006.01.27[14:00] 1st CD "Yuithm" handshake event at Gamers Akihabara
2006.01.27[17:30] 1st CD "Yuithm" handshake event at Yamagiwa Soft
2006.01.28[12:00] Character New Party in Kyoto
2006.08.06Sakakibara Yui Live at Toranoana Akihabara 7F
2006.08.11[16:00] Comic Market 70 Pajama Soft booth
2006.09.23[12:15/15:00] Tokyo Game Show 2006 Marvelous Interactive booth
2006.10.22[11:50] Dream Party 2006 5pb Live Stage
2006.10.22[16:30] Dream Party 2006 Arupejio talk and opening live
2006.10.28[15:00] Starchild Aki Fuyu Collection
2006.10.29[15:00/17:00] Happiness OP/ED CD talk/live/handshake
2006.11.12[14:00] Oto Boku Special Event in Club Citta
2006.12.30[15:30] Comic Market 71 Pajama Soft Booth
2007.02.17[13:00/15:00] Play Stationary Series event Comic Toranoana Akihabara
2007.04.15[16:00] Starchild Festival 2007 Spring NHK Hall
2007.05.03[11:30] Dream Party Tokyo 2007 Spring
2007.05.03[17:00] Dream Party Tokyo 2007 Spring Memorial Live
2007.09.22[18:00] Starchild Dream in Kobe 2007
2007.10.14[12:00] Dream Party Tokyo Live5pb stage
2007.10.14[13:10] Dream Party Tokyo Kougadou mini live
2007.10.14[17:00] Dream Party Tokyo "Pastel" promotion live
2007.10.14[17:30] Dream Party Tokyo Sakakibara Yui memorial live
2007.10.21[16:00] Happy Love Live 2007
2007.11.03[14:00] CD "Soshite Bokuha" talk and mini live Toranoana Akihabara
2008.01.26[18:00] Prism Ark The Pencil Live Shibuya O-East
2008.02.02[17:00] "Katayoku no Ikaros" event Gamers Akihabara
2008.03.09[17:15] Media Factory Bunkoj Anime Festival Special Live
2008.03.15[13:00] Yotsunoha talk/mini live Asobit Game City
2008.03.15[16:00] Yotsunoha talk/mini live Toranoana Akihabara
2008.03.16[14:00/16:00] Yotsunoha talk/mini live Animate Yokohama
2008.03.22[13:00/16:00] DVD "H2O -Footprints in the Sand-" event Gamers Nagoya
2008.03.23[12:00] Yotsunoha talk/mini live Disk Pier Nipponbashi
2008.03.23[15:00] Yotsunoha talk show Toranoana Nanba 2
2008.03.29[13:00] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Media Factory booth
2008.04.12[12:00/14:00] Prism Ark Awake talk/mini live Sofmap Amusement
2008.06.29[18:00] Sakakibara Yui no Love x Tea Party
2008.09.14[12:30] "Joker" signing event Gamers Hakata
2008.09.14[16:00] "Joker" signing event Toranoana Fukuoka
2008.09.15[11:30] "Joker" signing event Animate Kawasaki
2008.09.15[15:00] "Joker" signing event Toranoana Akihabara
2008.09.15[18:00] "Joker" signing event Gamers Akihabara
2008.11.22[16:00] Live 5pb. 2008 Yokohama Blitz
2009.02.07[19:30] PSP "Musou Tourou" CD signing event Gamers Akihabara
2009.02.14[17:00] Valentine Love x Live 2009 Kawasaki Club Citta
2009.02.15[14:00] CD "I'll be There" signing session Hirose Musen 5F
2009.02.28[15:00/17:00] Chaos;Head Xbox 360 & DVD talk/mini live Asobit City
2009.03.01[15:00] Valentine Love x Live 2009 Site Kobe
2009.04.18[14:00] "Marionette" CD signing event Toranoana Akihabara
2009.05.02[13:00] "Happy Love Live 2008" DVD signing session Toranoana Nagoya
2009.05.03[14:00] "Happy Love Live 2008" DVD signing session Toranoana Akihabara
2009.05.03[17:15] "Happy Love Live 2008 DVD" signing session Gamers Akihabara
2009.05.05Dream Party Stage event
2009.05.17[17:00] DiGi Charat&Aquarian Age Kanshasai
2009.08.22[14:00] TBS Anime Festa 2009
2009.08.23[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2009 RE:Bridge Saitama Super Arena
2009.11.08[16:00] Live 5pb. 2009 at Yuuport
2009.12.12[15:00] "Evergreen" talk and live Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Akiba
2010.01.31[13:00] Love x Tea Pary 2010
2010.02.06[11:00] "You I" talk and live Ishimaru Soft
2010.02.06[14:00] "You I" event Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Akiba
2010.04.24[15:00] Album Love x Live 2010
2010.04.29[17:00] Album Love x Live 2010 Akasaka Blitz
2010.05.03[13:00] Dream Party Tokyo 2010 Haru Live 5pb
2010.09.04[13:00] CD "Bloody Tune" signing event Animate Nipponbashi
2010.09.05[15:00] CD "Bloody Tune" signing session Akihabara Gamers
2010.10.10[16:30] Happy Love Live 2010 Kawaguchi
2010.10.16[17:00] Live 5pb 2010 JCB Hall
2010.11.27[14:30] Milk Lariat -Zoku Moe Syndrome- vol.3
2011.02.11[19:00] Chocolate Girls 2
2011.07.30[18:00] "Phantasm" One Man Live
2011.08.28[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2011 Rainbow
2011.09.03[13:00] CD "Ringing" signing Gamers Nanba
2011.09.04[13:00] CD "Ringing" signing event Animate Yokohama
2011.09.04[17:30] CD "Ringing" signing event Gamers Akihabara
2011.11.19[16:30] Live 5pb. 2011
2011.11.27[14:30] Milk Lariat Vol.4
2011.12.11[14:30] Milk Lariat Vol.4
2011.12.23[18:00] IVE's presents Holly Knight Diffusion in Tokyo
2012.02.26[15:00] Milk Lariat Special
2012.10.07[18:00] Kagaku Adventure Live 2012
2015.08.15[15:30] Comic Market 88 Sakakibara Yui signing session
2018.12.30[18:30] Karaoke Max 9 Yoru no Bu
2019.05.12[15:30] Gachi Love x Live 2019 in Fukuoka
2019.05.18[15:30] Gachi Love x Live 2019 in Osaka
2019.05.26[16:00] Gachi Love x Live 2019 in Shinjuku Blaze