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Sakakibara Yui CDs

Some of the CDs that Yui has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Yui has released the following solo CDs.

2006.01.27Yuithm (HBMC-023)Song
2007.09.21Princess (LTXA-003)Song
2008.09.10Joker (KICS-1391)Song
2009.07.03Love X Singles (LTXA-005)Song
2009.08.26Yeeeeell (KICS-1496)Song
2009.11.26Evergreen (QECB-91003)Song
2010.02.03You I -Sweet Tuned by 5pb- (FVCG-1102)Song
2010.03.26Chua Churam Vocal Collection (SPUS-21660)Song
2011.08.24Ringing (KICS-91717)Song
2011.12.21Revival Prophecy (FVCG-1184)Song
2019.08.28Emotion (GQCS-90742)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Yui appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2005.06.24GWAVE 2004 2nd Groove (IMAE-00004)Song
2005.09.22Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru (HBDC-019)Talk
2005.12.23GWAVE 2005 1st Impact (IMAE-00007)Song
2006.06.30GWAVE 2005 2nd Impact (IMAE-00009)Song
2006.12.22GWAVE 2006 1st Strike (IMAE-00012)Song
2007.03.02Prism Ark Vocal Collection (PAM-0043)Song
2007.06.29GWAVE 2006 2nd Strike (IMAE-00015)Song
2007.09.27Fate Tiger Colosseum Original Soundtrack (GNCA-1150)Song
2007.11.07Prism Ark Private Song 1 Preecia (ZMCZ-3685)Song/Talk
2007.11.07Prism Ark Private Song 2 Kagura (ZMCZ-3692)Talk
2007.12.21Prism Ark Private Song 8 Bridget (ZMCZ-3698)Talk
2007.12.28GWAVE 2007 1st Drivers (IMAE-00020)Song
2008.03.25H2O Original Soundtrack (BRCF-3102)Song
2008.03.28Yotsunoha Original Soundtrack (GNCA-1159)Song
2008.04.23Drama CD Yotsunoha (MMCC-4146)Talk
2008.06.27Angel Note Best Collection 4 (SRL-1001)Song
2008.06.27GWAVE 2007 2nd Drivers (IMAE-00024)Song
2008.08.29Angel Note Best Collection 5 (SRL-1002)Song
2008.09.26Prism Ark Vocal Collection 2 (PAM-0067)Song
2008.10.15Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper Original Soundtrack (GNCA-1200)Song
2009.03.25Kanokon Nicebody Perfect Vocal Collection (FVCG-1087)Song
2009.06.05Angel Book 1 (SRL-1003)Song
2009.06.26GWAVE 2008 2nd Experience (IMAE-00032)Song
2009.11.27Super Shot -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- (SHOT-001)Song
2010.05.26Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru Futari no Elder Vocal Mini Album (LASA-5048)Song
2010.06.25Super Shot2 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- (SHOT-004)Song
2010.07.30GWAVE 2009 2nd Ace (IMAE-00042)Song
2010.12.24GWAVE 2010 1st Grace (IMAE-00044)Song
2010.12.29Super Shot3 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- (SHOT-005)Song
2011.08.24Chaos; Head Vocal Collection (FVCG-1172)Song
2011.09.21Science Adventure Dance Remix (FVCG-1173)Song
2011.12.29VA Compilation CD Vol.3 Panorama (VA-C81-0001)Song
2012.01.27Super Shot4 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- (SHOT-007)Song
2012.11.30Super Shot5 Special Edition (SHOT-010)Song
2013.03.29Angel Note Venus Voice Best Collection 9 (SRL-1007)Song
2013.04.26Ryuu Shoujo Series Vocal Collection (DWE-009)Song
2013.07.26GWAVE 2012 2nd Memories (IMAE-00065)Song
2015.12.25GWAVE 2015 1st Colors (IMAE-00072)Song
2016.12.29GWAVE 2016 1st Advance (IMAE-00074)Song

CD Singles

Yui appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2004.08.27Jewelry Days (HBMS-011)Song
2005.07.29Catch Your Dreams!! (HBMS-023)Song
2005.08.26Prism Ark Special Sound Package Red (HBMS-027)Song
2005.08.29Kono Hana Sakukoro (HBMS-028)Song
2005.09.30Eternal Destiny (HBMS-030)Song
2006.04.14Imitation (HBMS-035)Song
2006.09.21Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru Character Song Part 3 (KICM-3125)Song
2006.10.22Dream A Go! Go!Song
2006.10.25Again (KICM-3134)Song
2007.04.06Far Away (LTXS-005)Song
2007.08.16Time Leap single&boot benchSong
2007.10.14Rose Quartz/Summer Angel (Dream Party Memorial 2)Song
2007.10.24Soshite Bokuha/RISE (ZMCZ-3681)Song
2007.10.25Shining Star (LTXS-006)Song
2008.01.25Katayoku no Ikaros (BRDF-3100)Song
2008.02.29Koi suru Kioku (GNCA-0089)Song
2008.04.23Koi no Honoo (FVCG-1027)Song
2008.05.03Happy Day (Dream Party Memorial 3)Song
2008.05.30Blue Eyes (SKM-002)Song
2008.06.25Zaika ni Keiyaku no Chi wo (FVCG-1008)Song
2008.07.23Soon/Love Rice (KDSD-00226)Song
2008.09.24Eien no Koi (FVCG-1039)Song
2008.10.12The Desert of Time (Dream Party Memorial 4)Song
2008.10.29Try Real! (GNCA-0128)Song
2008.11.26Gessei no Kanon (QECB-90001)Song
2008.12.24Love Island (LTXS-007)Song
2009.01.28Chaos; Head Trigger 3 Kishimoto Ayase (FVCG-1083)Song/Talk
2009.02.04Ken no Mai (QECB-14)Song
2009.02.25Allelujah no Fukuin (FVCG-1079)Song
2009.03.25Koi Goromo/Eternal Snow (VGCD-1036)Song
2009.03.27Tsumasaki no Ripple (SCMS-001)Song
2009.04.17Marionette (LTXS-008)Song
2009.06.26Sakura Philosophy (SKM-005)Song
2009.10.07Deja Vu (FVCG-1099)Song
2009.10.21Nyandaful! (PCCG-90040)Song
2009.11.18Neko Neko Ondo (PCCG-90045)Song
2009.11.25Komorebi no Sordino (FVCG-1097)Song
2009.11.25Unmei no Farfalla (FVCG-1101)Song
2009.12.18Happy Lucky X'mas (LTXS-009)Song
2010.02.10Konton no Oratorio (QECB-20)Song
2010.04.28Inori no Violette (FVCG-1114)Song
2010.07.30Let's Start Now (LTXS-010)Song
2011.01.30Love & Kiss (AKA-1021)Song
2011.05.25Toki Tsukasadoru 12 no Meiyaku (MFCZ-1007)Song
2011.07.29Blue Mind (LDRS-007)Song
2011.07.29Change For YouSong
2012.08.01Hagane no Yoroi Matou 300 no Daishisai (SVWC-7867)Song
2021.02.03Longing For! (XNST-10025)Song

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