Sakakibara Yui events (2007)

Some of the events that Yui has appeared in during the year 2007 are as follows.

2007.02.17[13:00/15:00] Play Stationary Series event Comic Toranoana Akihabara
2007.04.15[16:00] Starchild Festival 2007 Spring NHK Hall
2007.05.03[11:30] Dream Party Tokyo 2007 Spring
2007.05.03[17:00] Dream Party Tokyo 2007 Spring Memorial Live
2007.09.22[18:00] Starchild Dream in Kobe 2007
2007.10.14[12:00] Dream Party Tokyo Live5pb stage
2007.10.14[13:10] Dream Party Tokyo Kougadou mini live
2007.10.14[17:00] Dream Party Tokyo "Pastel" promotion live
2007.10.14[17:30] Dream Party Tokyo Sakakibara Yui memorial live
2007.10.21[16:00] Happy Love Live 2007
2007.11.03[14:00] CD "Soshite Bokuha" talk and mini live Toranoana Akihabara

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