Sakamoto Maaya CDs (miscellaneous)

Maaya appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1991.11.21Pathway for Santa Claus -Santa ga kureta okurimono- (MECH-30019)Talk
1996.10.23Anime Theme Song Collection (VICL-5333)Song
1997.01.22Escaflowne Lovers Only (VICL-841)Song
2000.09.29Kanon volume 1 (MACB-6001)Talk
2000.10.21Escaflowne Sound Drama Prologue 1 Earth (VICL-60636)Talk
2000.10.21Escaflowne Sound Drama Prologue 2 Gaea (VICL-60637)Talk
2001.05.23Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna Onna no Minato (VICL-60735)Song
2008.03.26Persona3 Character Drama CD vol 2 (FCCT-0067)Talk
2008.04.23Persona3 Character Drama CD vol 3 (FCCT-0068)Talk
2008.06.04Macross Frontier O.S.T. 1 Nyan Furo (VTCL-60060)Song
2008.10.08Macross Frontier O.S.T. 1 Nyan Tora (VTCL-60061)Song
2008.12.03Macross F Vocal Collection Nyan Tama (VTCL-60100)Song
2011.11.30Tamayura Hitotose Original Soundtrack (VTCL-60279)Song
2011.12.21Last Exile -Fam The Silver Wing- O.S.T. (VTCL-60286)Song
2011.12.28Tamayura -Hitotose- Vocal Album Nanode (VTCL-60281)Song

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