Sakurai Sara Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Sara has appeared in are as follows.

2000.11Kira Kira Shiyo! [radio]host
2000.11.07Anime Channel live chat [video]guest
2001.03.17Mahou de Night [radio]guest
2001.10.03LaLaLu Nandemo Internet [live]host
2001.10.17LaLaLu Nandemo Internet [live]host
2001.12.10LaLa Ludio [radio]host
2001.12.12LaLaLu Nandemo Internet [live]host
2001.12.15Maho de Night [radio]guest
2001.12.28LaLa Ludio [radio]host
2002.05.17Animate TV [movie]talk about LaLaLu CD
2003.03.28-Chori Wonton Radio [radio]host

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