Sakurai Tomo events (1999)

Some of the events that Tomo has appeared in during the year 1999 are as follows.

1999.01.06Super Doll Licca show
1999.01.08Super Doll Licca show
1999.08.08Sakurai Tomo handshake session at Animate Shibuya
1999.08.13Tomo Natsu 99 in Osaka
1999.08.20Tomo Natsu 99 in Akasaka Blitz
1999.08.24Tomo Natsu 99 in Nagoya
1999.09.05Tomo Natsu 99 in Fukuoka
1999.09.15Sakurai Tomo talk show in Shinseido Disk Inn
1999.09.19Tomo Natsu 99 in Sendai
1999.11.23Sakurai Tomo Choufu Sai Live 99
1999.12.25Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live 99
1999.12.26Sakurai Tomo Christmas Fantasy Live 99
1999.12.31Jinguu Countdown Party 2000

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