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Shimoda Asami Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Asami has appeared in are as follows.

2016.12.26d Studio 31guest
2017.07.28Yahagi Enterprise 35guest
2018.01.17Hara yumi no Marumaru Housoukyoku Oomoriguest
2019.04.26Azur Lane Station pre-Haishin [audio]host
2019.05.19-Azur Lane Station [audio]host
2019.05.28d Studio 60guest
2019.09.092 Shuunen Chokuzen Azur Lane Koushiki Namahousouhost
2019.09.14Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Fes. Day 1 [live]emcee
2019.09.15Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Fes. Day 2 [live]emcee
2020.01.30Grimoire Niconama A 9guest
2021.02.21Fuyu no Azurlane Koushiki Namahousouguest
2021.04.19Haru no Azurlane Koushiki Namahousouhost
2021.06.22Shoka no Azurlane Koushiki Namahousouhost