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    Shiraishi Ryouko roles (games)

    Ryouko has done the following roles in games.

    D.C.P.S. -Da Capo- Plus Situation [PS2]Mikkun
    Love Smash! 5 -Tennis robo no hanran- [PlayStation 2]Ruby
    Luminous Arc 2 Will [NDS]Fil
    Saki -Saki- Zenkokuhen [PS Vita]Someya Mako
    Sentimental Prelude [PlayStation 2]Tachibana Natsumi
    Shining Wind [PlayStation 2]Karis
    Tekken 5 [Arcade, PlayStation 2]Kazama Asuka
    WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator [PlayStation 2]?
    Zwei II: Sky-High Great Adventure [Windows]Montblanc
    Zwei II: Sky-High Great Adventure [Windows]Pokkle
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