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Shiratori Yuri radio

Radio Shows

Yuri was a regular on the following radio shows.

  • Enix Anime Viking, 1999-

Guest Appearances

Yuri appeared as a guest on the following radio shows.

1995.01.15Nowanchatte Say Youguest
1995.01.22Nowanchatte Say Youguest
1995.04.14Anime Scrambleguest
1995.10-1995.11Parachute Yuugekitaiguest
1997.04.10Chaparasuka Wooguest
1997.04.11Yuusha he no Michiguest
1997.04.18Heartful Stationguest
1997.04.20Tokyo Boogie Nightguest
1997.06.12Saber Marionette Jguest
1997.11.07Heartful Stationguest
1997.11.09Tokyo Boogie Nightguest
1997.11.11Chaparasuka Wooguest
1998.05.17Eberu Nightsguest