Tamagawa Sakiko events

Some of the events that Sakiko has appeared in are as follows.

1993.05.08Hummingbird First Mini Live in Osaka
1993.05.09Hummingbird First Mini Live in Nihon Seinenkan
1993.05.16Hummingbird First Mini Live in Nagoya
1993.07.31Hummingbird preview event in Yamagiwa Technica
1993.08.11Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Toshima Koukaidou
1993.08.17Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Nagoya
1993.08.21Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Nagoya
1993.08.22Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Osaka
1993.08.28Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Kudan Kaikan
1994.04.24Hummingbird Bus Tour in Mother Bokujou
1994.05.15Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Tokyo
1994.05.28Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Nagoya
1994.05.29Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Osaka
1994.08.06Sega Starchild Event
1994.09.25Taiho Shichauzo Completion Event
1995.01.15[17:00] Space Griffon VF-9 hatsubai kinen at Yamagiwa Honten
1995.01.22[16:00] Space Griffon VF-9 hatsubai kinen at Nipponbashi Sofmap 7
1995.04.23Hummingbird in Tokyo
1995.08.16Hummingbird Final Concert
1996.01.13Emotion Festival Zero
1996.07.14Houma Hunter Lime in Osaka
1996.07.21Houma Hunter Lime in Tokyo
1996.12.22VAL Project Christmas Live
1997.04.13Taiho Shichauzo Bokutou DJ Special event at Amazing Square
1997.11.30Val Project My Dream -special vocal live-
1999.02.28Tachiki Fumihiko Live in Shibuya Nest
1999.05.16Tamgawa Sakiko live in Shibuya Nest
2001.03.25Taiho Shichauzo event in TBS Hall
2002.03.??Tenchi Muyou! Koushiki Fan Club Afureco Kengaku event

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