Tokui Sora TV appearances

Some of the tv that Sora has appeared in are as follows.

2012.03.29Milky Holmes Live Tour DigestLive performance
2012.??.??TCG Jouhoukyoku [Tokyo MX]regular
2013.04.06-Fire Leonacting (Motomi)
2013.07.06Milky Holmes Specialinterview
2013.07.13-Futari ha Milky Holmes Milky Jouhoukyokupersonality
2014.03.30Haru mo Egao de 1 2 Jump!Concert video clips
2014.04-Gekkan Bushiroad TVpersonality
2014.10.20Music Japanperformance {Muse}
2014.12.31Love Live! 2014 Nen Arigatou Bounenkai Muse to Sugosu Oomisoka SPguest
2015.02.16R no Housokuguest {Muse}
2015.07.08Danchigai Specialpersonality
2015.10.11Music Japanperformance {Muse}
2015.12.04Music Stationperformance {Muse}
2015.12.05Love Live Special Program "Muse Koremade to Korekara"talk
2015.12.31Kouhaku Utagassenperformance {Muse}
2016.03.10AniGe Eleven 22Milky Holmes video event report
2016.12.31Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Miru Miru Milky specialpersonality
2017.01.01Gekkan Bushiroad TV Oshougatsuban 13 hour specialMiru Miru Milky personality
2017.02.23AniGe Eleven 72guest
2017.02.23Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamMakeruna Akuno Gundan video
2017.04.13Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamMakeruna Akuno Gundan video
2017.06.01Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamBushiroad live video
2017.06.08Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamMilky Holmes video
2017.06.15Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamBushiroad Matsuri video
2017.06.24Bang Dream Mezase Budoukan TokuBang! 4event videos
2017.07.20Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sistersvideo
2017.07.27Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sistersvideo
2017.09.07AniGe Eleven 100video
2017.10.05AniGe Eleven 104video
2017.11.02AniGe Eleven 108video
2017.12.07AniGe Eleven 113video
2017.12.21AniGe Eleven 115video
2018.01.11AniGe Eleven 117video
2020.03.08Anison! Premium!Love Live Fes video
2020.04.29Love Live! Fes [FujiTV]event video
2021.06.27Anison! Premium! Love Live! SPguest
2021.08.11Anison! Premium! Love Live! SP E+guest

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