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Tokui Sora CDs

Some of the CDs that Sora has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Sora has not released any solo CDs.

Miscellaneous CDs

CD Singles

Sora appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2010.06.23Ameagari no Mirai (LACM-4724)Song
2010.10.27Seikai ha Hitotsu! Janai! (LACM-4754)Song
2011.05.25Love Marginal [Printemps] (LACM-4812)Talk
2011.06.22Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu [BiBi] (LACM-4816)Song/Talk
2011.07.27Shiranai Love Oshiete Love [Lily White] (LACM-4832)Talk
2011.09.10Futari ha Tomodachi (LZM-2047)Song
2012.01.25Nazo Nazo Happiness (LACM-4895)Song
2012.02.15Mogyutto Love de Sekkinchuu (LACM-4907)Song
2012.02.22Nakimushi Treasures (LACM-4909)Song
2012.05.23Love Live! Duo Single 2 Otome Shiki Renaijuku (LACM-4943)Song/Talk
2012.08.29Prologue ha Ashitairo (LACM-4985)song
2012.09.05Wonderful Rush (LACM-4979)Song
2012.10.24Kimi no Naka no Watashi (LACM-14014)Song
2013.01.23Bokura ha Ima no Naka de (LACM-14053)Song
2013.02.06Kitto Seishunga Kikoeru (LACM-14054)Song
2013.03.06Korekara no Someday (LACM-14064)Song
2013.04.03No Brand Girls (LACM-14069)Song
2013.05.24Yume Yume Express (PCCG-90101)Song
2013.06.26Binetsu kara Mystery [Lily White] (LACM-14101)Talk
2013.07.17Day by Day (THCS-60005)Song
2013.07.17Imayo! Fantasista Doll (THCS-60004)Song
2013.07.25Cutie Panther [BiBi] (LACM-14102)Song/Talk
2013.08.21Pure Girls Project [Printemps] (LACM-14103)Talk
2013.09.04Glory Growing Days (PCCG-90104)Song
2013.11.20Fantasista Doll Character Song! Vol.4 (THCS-60013)Song
2013.11.27Music S.T.A.R.T (LACM-14156)Song/Talk
2014.01.29Takaramonozu (LACM-14181)Song
2014.04.23Sore ha Bokutachi no Kiseki (LACM-14220)Song
2014.04.30Bouken Milkyroad! (PCCG-90123)Song
2014.05.08Donna tokimo Zutto (LACM-14230)Song
2014.05.28Yume no Tobira (LACM-14241)Song
2014.06.11Love Wing Bell (LACM-14242)Song
2014.07.09Kira-Kira Sensation (LACM-14243)Song
2014.10.01Shangri-La Shower (LACM-14260)Song
2014.11.12Eien Friends [Printemps] (LACM-14291)Talk
2014.11.26Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku [Lily White] (LACM-14292)Talk
2014.11.26Overdrive! (PCCG-90134)Song
2014.12.24Fuyu ga kureta Yokan [BiBi] (LACM-14293)Song/Talk
2015.07.01Angelic Angel (LACM-14361)Song
2015.07.08Sunny Day Song (LACM-14362)Song
2015.07.15Bokutachi ha Hitotsu no Hikari (LACM-14363)Song
2015.07.15Pyon's Purin Purun (GNCA-0391)Song
2015.10.28Heart to Heart (LACM-14412)Song
2015.11.11Tokimeki Poporon (GNCA-0402)Song
2016.01.20Sakkaku Crossroads [BiBi] (LACM-14415)Song
2016.03.02Moment Ring (LACM-14449)Song
2016.08.27Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka? Character Song Series 03 Maya (GNCA-0453)Song
2017.10.25Gochi Usa -Dear My Sister- Character Song 1 (GNCA-0516)Song
2017.11.11Sekai ga Cafe ni Nacchatta (GNCA-0515)Song
2018.07.25Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 04 (COCC-17364)Talk
2018.10.10Gochi Usa Character Solo Series 05 Maya (GNCA-0555)Song
2018.11.21Don't Be Afraid [CD+BD] (BRMM-10136)Song
2020.03.25A Song for You! You? You!! [CD+BD] (LACM-14950)Song
2020.03.25A Song for You! You? You!! [CD+DVD] (LACM-14951)Song
2021.05.26Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 21 (COCC-17691)Song

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