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Uesaka Sumire TV appearances

Some of the tv that Sumire has appeared in are as follows.

2016.03.24AniGe Eleven 24seiyuu awards video report
2016.12.24ViVid Strike -ViVid Xmas-personality
2017.02.16AniGe Eleven 71video report
2017.05.11AniGe Eleven 83video
2017.05.13King Super Live 2017 Trinityconcert
2018.12.29Anison! Premium! 2018 [NHK]performance
2019.01.01Uesaka Sumire no Yabai MaruMaru TV Specialhost
2019.07.12Tamori Clubguest
2019.10.09Cream Quiz Miracle 9 2 Jikan Specialguest