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    Yamamoto Maria CDs (singles)

    Maria appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    1998.10.23Yume no Naka he/S.O.S.song
    1999.06.17Lu Puty La Puty (FSDA-010)Song
    1999.12.27Angel Kiss (SCCD-10001)Song
    2000.03.23Venus to Chiisana Kami-sama (PICA-007)Song
    2000.12.06Memories Off Vol 1 Chikakute Tooi [Hizuki Ayaka] (SCDC-00051)Song/Talk
    2000.12.06Memories Off Vol 2 Ame no Hi no Omi [Futami Shion] (SCDC-00059)Talk
    2001.06.20Pure Blue / Love Forever (AVCA-14151)Song
    2001.07.25Objection / Sayonara no 1/2 (AVCA-14164)Song
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