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    Yuuki Hiro CDs

    Some of the CDs that Hiro has released or appeared in are listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Hiro has released the following solo CDs.

    1998.06.20Prism (COCC-15154)Song
    1998.11.21Exit (COCC-15347)Song

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Hiro appears (sings/talks) in the following CDs.

    1995.03.00Rurouni Kenshin CD Book 2 (SCD-117)Talk
    1995.03.17Seiyuu Daisuki 2 (MRCA-20058)Talk
    1995.03.23Lodoss Tou Senki Kaze to Honoo no Majin 3 (KCB-0005)Talk
    1995.10.25Popful Mail Paradise 5 (KICA-1169)Talk {Tat}
    1995.12.16Madara -Ao Gilgamesh Saga Vol. 1 (AFCP-2012)Talk
    1995.12.16Seiyuu Daisuki 3 (MRCA-20080)Talk
    1996.02.05Seiyuu Grand Prix CD vol 1 (AYCM-502)Talk
    1996.02.21Ryuu Night CD Cinema 3 (VICL-8168)Talk
    1996.07.24Popful Mail The Next Generation (KICA-1184)Talk
    1996.12.21Neon Genesis Evangelion AdditionTalk
    1997.01.21Bloody Bride Imadoki no Vampire Soundtrack (NACL-1270)Talk
    1997.03.05Popful Mail Next Generation II (KICA-1195)Talk
    1997.06.21Cyber Formula SAGA Inspire vol 1 (AYCM-571)Song
    1997.06.21Weiss Kreuz Dramatic Image Album ITalk/Song
    1997.08.21Weiss Kreuz Dramatic Image Album IITalk/Song
    1997.08.27Mahou Gakuen Lunar! (TYCY-5542)Talk
    1997.10.21Weiss kreuz dramatic collection 1 (MMCM-1003)Talk
    1997.11.10Seiyuu Grand Prix Special CD 97Talk
    1997.11.21Mega Blade (KICA-1202)Talk
    1997.11.21Weiss kreuz radio selection (MMCM-1004)Talk
    1997.12.16Weiss kreuz vocal collection I Gluhen (MMCM-1005)Song
    1997.12.20Yume de Aetara 4 (COCC-14744)Talk
    1998.01.21Yume de Aetara 5 (COCC-14775)Talk
    1998.02.01Angelique Kiss Kiss Kiss (KECH-1124-1125)Song
    1998.03.21Weiss Tanz Gluhen (MMCM-1006)Song
    1998.04.03Shoujo Kakumei Utena Engage Toi Mes Cont (KICA-396)Talk
    1998.04.17Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 The Newcomers (PCCB-310)Talk
    1998.05.05Weiss kreuz Radio Selection II (MMCM-9001)Talk
    1998.06.21Weiss Dramatic Collection II (MMCM-1008)Talk
    1998.07.21Schlag des Herzens [Weiss] (MMCM-1009)Song
    1998.10.21Weiss keuz Dramatic Collection III (MMCM-1011)Talk
    1998.11.06High School Aura Buster 1st Vision (KICA-420)Talk
    1998.11.21Top of the World (MECH-28101)Song
    1998.12.16Das Ewige Dasein [Weiss] (MMCM-1012)Song
    1999.01.06High School Aura Buster 2nd Vision (KICA-436)Talk
    1999.02.21Weiss Radio Selection III (MMCM-9003)Talk
    1999.04.21Weiss kreuz Dramatic Collection IV (MMCM-1010)Talk
    1999.06.21Weiss kreuz Dramatic Precious 2nd Stage (MMCM-1015)Talk/Song
    1999.08.21Weiss kreuz Dramatic Precious 3rd Stage (MMCM-1016)Talk/Song
    1999.11.24Barbarian Quartetto Volume 3 (MACA-2014)Talk
    2000.02.00High School Aura Buster Himitsu no Tekken! Special CD (8SSX122)Talk
    2000.03.23West End (MMCC-3701)Talk
    2000.04.26Houshin Engi Gaiden Daini Shou (KICA-502)Song {duet}
    2000.06.26Weiss Keuz Dramatic Image Album III Schwarz Ain (MMCC-1019)Talk
    2000.07.26Weiss Keuz Dramatic Image Album IV Schwarz Ain (MMCC-1020)Talk
    2000.11.29Weiss kreuz Best Album Die Bleibende Erinnerung (MMCC-1022)Song
    2001.06.20Close To drama CD (SCDC-090)Talk
    2001.06.27Weiss Kreuz Wish A Dream Collection I (MMCC-1023)Talk
    2001.08.22Weiss kreuz Wish A Dream Collection A Four leaf Clover (MMCC-1024)Song/Talk
    2001.09.26Weiss kreuz Radio Selection IV (MMCC-1025)Talk
    2002.01.23Seiyuu Best Talk Collection (SCDC-00153)Talk

    CD singles

    Hiro appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    1997.02.05Angelique Shugosei Collection 2 -Marcel (KEDH-1005)Song/Talk
    1998.01.21Beautiful Alone [Weiss] (MMDM-1001)Song
    1998.02.21Hiro -white- (COCC-14881)Song
    1998.03.21Hiro -crimson- (COCC-14881)Song/Talk
    1998.05.21Velvet Underworld [Weiss] (MMDM-1002)Song
    1998.08.05Piece of Heaven [Weiss] (MMDM-1003)Song
    1998.08.21It's Too Late [Weiss] (MMDM-1004)Song
    1998.??.??Hiro -sepia- (COCC-14991)Song/Talk
    1999.09.21No Reason/Mellow Candle [Weiss] (MMDM-1006)Song
    2002.03.21Gluhen [Weiss] (MMCC-1029)Song
    2002.03.21Stone Roses [Weiss] (MMCC-1030)Song

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