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    Yuuki Hiro events

    Some of the events that Hiro has appeared in are as follows.

    1995.08.20Ryuu Knight Summer Legend
    1997.05.25Weiss Show Case Party
    1997.09.27Weiss talk live in Fukuoka
    1997.09.28Weiss talk live in Kyoto
    1997.11.30Weiss Kreuz radio selection event
    1998.02.08Radio ROM event at Animate Akihabara
    1998.03.14Marumie Net
    1998.03.15Weiss Gluhen Tour
    1998.07.19Radio ROM Night vol 6 event
    1998.08.16Anime Japan Fes 98 in Shiubya Boy's Voice 98
    1998.08.232nd Ani Raji Festival
    1998.10.17Yume de Aetara event
    1998.11.22Yuuki Hiro signing session in Animate Shibuya
    1998.12.26Weiss Last Live Tour in Osaka
    1998.12.27Weiss Last Live Tour in Nagoya
    1998.12.29Weiss Last Live Tour in Pacifico
    1999.04.18Yuuki Hiro CD event in Animate Kyoto
    1999.12.03-1999.12.05Yuuki Hiro Dramatic Concert Nagori-Yuki
    2000.02.27Angelique Memoir 2000
    2000.10.14Senkaiden Houshinengi event in Osaka
    2000.10.22Senkaiden Houshinengi event in Hitotsubashi Hall
    2000.11.03Animate Ogura Open 1 Year Anniversary event
    2000.11.04Animate Hiroshima Open Kinen event
    2000.11.26Neo Romance Festa
    2001.05.03Hiro Chie Radio event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2001.07.22Tokyo Character Show [Seiyuu Yataimura: talk show]
    2001.11.03Comic World Utsunomiya 42
    2002.01.13[13:00] Animate Expo 2002 Toshima Koukaidou [Weiss]
    2002.01.13[17:00] Animate Expo 2002 Animate Ikebukuro
    2002.02.08-2002.02.09Comic World Seoul 28
    2002.02.15Comic World Taipei
    2002.04.27[13:00] Seiseki Densetsu movie event in Nagoya
    2002.07.21[13:00/16:30] Neo Romance Festa 3 in Pacifico Yokohama
    2002.07.24[17:00] Doyou no Yorudesu Uha Uha Daihousou public recording
    2002.09.01[13:00/17:00] Omaera no Tamedaro! vol 20
    2002.10.13"Weiss Kreuz Gluhen die Ruckkehr" anime showing and talk event
    2003.01.26Animate Expo 2003 Weiss Kreuz Gluhen talk show
    2003.05.25[12:30] PFM2+alpha live in Y2K Roppongi
    2003.06.01[17:30] PFM2 sign and handshake event in Animate Yokohama
    2003.06.08[11:30] PFM2 sign and handshake event in Animate Kyoto
    2003.06.08[16:30] PFM2 sign and handshake event in Animate Nipponbashi
    2003.06.28[17:00] PFM2 Mini Live and Talk Show
    2003.11.30[17:30] Weiss Kreuz Last Live 03 Tagesanbruch
    2004.09.25[14:00] Angelique Memoir 10th -Sweet Celebration-
    2004.09.25[17:30] Angelique Memoir 10th -Sweet Celebration-
    2006.07.23[15:00] Web Radio School Duo Jouhoukyoku public recording
    2006.12.03[15:00/19:00] Ken Pro Omochabako Part 3
    2006.12.09Neo Romance Festa Ange Party at Pacifico
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