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  • Yumehara Nozomi

    Yumehara Nozomi (夢原のぞみ) was a second year student at Cinq Lumiere Gakuen. Nozomi's best friend was Natsuki Rin.

    Nozomi had joined the hand craft club, drama club, and music clubs, but none of those clubs fit her well. She was still looking for something to do when she ran into Coco. After listening to Coco's story, Nozomi decided that she wanted to make Coco's dream come true.

    In episode 1, Nozomi transforms into Cure Dream (キュアドリーム). Nozomi has short pink hair, but when she becomes Cure Dream, Dream has long pink hair with two rings.

    Dream's attack is "precure dream attack".

    Nozomi is an only child and lives at home with her mother and father.

    Nozomi's voice is done by Sanpei Yuuko.

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