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    The fairies were cute creatures that lived the Land of the Springs. When the Dark Fall started destroying their land, they came to earth to get help from the legendary fighters PreCure.

    Frappi and Choppi were furry animal-like creatures that appeared in episode 1.

    Muupu and Fuupu were ball-like creatures that appeared in episode 24.

    Frappi and Choppi were able to transform themselves into cell phones. Unlike Frappi and Choppi, Muupu and Fuupu couldn't transform into other objects. So while they were on earth, they flew around and got into trouble a lot. Saki and Mai kept scolding them, but they were like little kids and didn't listen that much.

    Also Muupu and Fuupu went into the magical computer. Frappi and Choppi were also able to go into the computer, to play with Muupu and Fuupu.

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