Aina events

Some of the events that Aina has appeared in are as follows.

2001.04.21Former Kira Melo First Live in Live Inn Magic
2001.05.19Peaty vol 1 in Live Inn Magic
2001.06.16Peaty vol 2 in Live Inn Magic
2001.08.19[18:00] Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Final Album Hatsubai Kinen Live
2001.09.18LaLaLu Unplugged 3 Days
2001.09.19LaLaLu Unplugged 3 Days
2001.10.07LaLaLu 3 Days -Yotsuya de Aimashou-
2001.12.02[13:00] LaLaLu Xmas Promotion event in Gamers
2001.12.24[15:30] LaLaLu Christmas Party -Fanclub Only-
2001.12.24[18:30] LaLaLu Christmas Live
2002.02.14[18:00] Chocolate Kiss event at Messe San'ou
2002.02.14[18:00] Chocolate Kiss event at Sofmap
2002.03.06Idol Style 2 at Take Off 7
2002.06.22Live in Tenmado
2002.07.27Live in Tenmado
2002.08.24Piano & Woman in Tenmado
2002.11.30Aina Live in Tenmado

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