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    Asada Yoko CDs

    Some of the CDs that Yoko has released or appeared in are listed below.

    Solo CDs

    Yoko has released the following solo CDs.

    2001.06.20Birthday Disk vol 1 Gemini (SCDC-093)Song/Talk

    Miscellaneous CDs

    Yoko appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

    1995.12.16Madara -Ao Gilgamesh Saga Vol. 1 (AFCP-2012)Talk
    1996.02.21Haneda Mitaka no Aozora Douchuu (BVCH-1515)Talk
    1996.03.22Pink Pineapple Hit Collection (JSCA-59035)Song
    1996.05.22Boku no Marie Wars CD Cinema 1 (VICL-8190)Talk
    1996.09.04Luna Silver Story Lunatic Festa vol 2 (KACN-1043)Talk
    1996.09.04Lunar Silver Star Story Lunatic Festa vol 2 (TYCY-5523)Song/Talk
    1996.12.21Alice in Cyberland Game Soundtrack (WPC6-8247)Song
    1997.01.25Alice in Cyberland radio drama vol 1Song/Talk
    1997.02.25Alice in Cyberland radio drama vol 2Talk
    1997.03.25Alice in Cyberland radio drama vol 3Song/Talk
    1997.05.25Radio Drama Quo Vadis 2 Dai 2 Bu (WPC6-8285)Talk
    1997.07.19Hello Jelly Beans (COCC-14382)Song
    1997.07.24Happy Boy radio anime vol 1 (WDCD-28009)Talk
    1997.07.25Angelique Special 2 (KECH-1114)Talk
    1997.12.17Iwao Junko Net Party II (BVCH-1533)Talk
    1998.01.21Pocket Love Angel Voice Memorial vol. 1 (PSCA-10027)Talk
    1998.01.24Radish Roxs First ImpactSong/Talk
    1998.04.01Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album drama CD vol 1 (PCCB-309)Talk
    1998.04.17Princess Quest (PCCB-303)Song/Talk
    1998.08.21Way To GoSong/Talk
    1999.01.21First Kiss Monogatari Image Vocal Album (APCM-5118)Song
    1999.01.21Love -Hadaka no Kokoro- [Radish Rox]Song
    2000.02.17Yuukyuu Ongakusai Vocal hen (PCCB-408)Song
    2000.03.17Yuukyuu Ongakusai Drama hen (PCCB-409)Talk
    2000.10.12Minna de Tsukuru Yuukyuu CD! (SCDC-00033)Talk
    2000.10.18Yuukyuu Kumikyoku All Start Project drama CD 2 (SCDC-00043)Talk
    2002.01.23Seiyuu Best Talk Collection (SCDC-001544-001545)Talk
    2004.07.23Kare first love (MMCC-4060)Talk

    CD Singles

    Yoko appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    1996.12.21Totteoki no Heart Beat Time (WPD6-9105)Song
    1998.07.17Dream and Peace [Diana Rainy] (PCDB-014)Song/Talk

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